The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel wishlist


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Apr 21, 2016
And what a fresh breath that was! I've yet to complete it (not to mention discovering every location, recover all memories and retrieve all the DLC loot, reawaken the Master Sword and relive the Ballad of the Champions, whew!) even though Hyrule Castle is just a stone's throw off BUT I just had to say a thing or two about the inevitable sequel, which should be called "Another Breath of the Wild" or "Breaths of the Wild".

Of course, I'm kidding about the names. Would be funny though.

So ever since playing Hyrule Warriors on the 3DS I've been head-over-heels about Linkle. Imp Midna was first and she still clings closest to my heart but Linkle - let's face it - is the perfect waifu for Link. Making her a travel companion to Link would be the next best thing, or even his playable counterpart would be "Next Best 2.0".

Needless to say, I hope for travel companions for Link in the sequel, as well as being able to choose to between playing as a female. Of course there's the thing about lore continuity, but with THREE different official timeline splits and so much room for different approaches and changes in the lore itself, who's to say a female can't be the hero. Link's more an idea, a savior, just like Zelda is more the object of interest for Ganon, the antagonist. All three keep advaning the story.

I don't cry "equality" because to me there's nothing to equalize in terms of roles in Zelda. Let that be clear. I just want to play as a female. Though I get the shipping. But that's Link and Imp Midna, so back off Zelda Mipha, even Ruto!

... Riju and Linkle can tag along...

I'd love the ability to mix attires: pants from one set, shirts from another and footwear from a third. Diversity!

And maybe a fully voiced game for the characters that would be voiced in the cutscenes, like in the original. Was kind of weird going back to reading after already having nailed a canonical voice to the characters.

I'd like to see, read or hear more references to events, people or places elsewhere in the timeline(s), whether as costumes, characters, weapons, you name it. Nothing quite beats the familiarities that nostalgia brings, especially if I know what's being translated to me because I've played the games or am otherwise familiar with the lore.

Wish I could do the Vah Naboris battle more than once. Suppose I could just find the save file but where's the fun in that? I'd be stuck in time! This theme may just be my favorite in the game. Listening to the 15-minute extended Youtube version doesn't feel quite the same but recalling sand-surfing while trying to stay inside the barrier, then dashing forward seconds after Naboris' lightning bolt gave an insane rush! The fabulous track in the background made this one of my absolute fondest memories in a Zelda game thus far. More of THAT in the sequel, please!

Oh goodness, and the DRAGONS! Ok, THOSE were the most spectacular displays of lighting, colors, musical splendour and majesty in my history as a Zelda fan. I never grow tired of seeing them in the skies, between the mountains or under bridges.

I very much appreciate the ambient feel that the music brings, especially during events while exploring or even just wandering about. Breath of the Wild is about the fallout after the kingdom ended, so to speak and I feel the music inspires that exact feel. It's so sad but so impressive, and as one youtuber pointed out, even carries an aged and "broken" version of some themes appropriate to those certain location, from previous games, like the Temple of Time or Rito Village.

I'd love to expand the lore even further, maybe by visiting places from previous games, like Lorule or the Twilight Realm. That way we could see Midna or Hilda again, maybe with a quest or two to expand our view on that world. No idea how one would lore-friendly incorporate such a thing but I have faith that Nintendo could pull this off. We're dealing with magic and other worlds after all.
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Nice writeup. My personal preference is that they leave at least 5 years in between all Zelda, Mario, and Metroid installments.
@simagination well hello and welcome fellow Hylian! I myself am a huge Zelda fan, and yes im also still very excited about this game. I loved it. It was my last wii u game, and what a game it is.

I agree with you on all points. After Hyrule Warriors, ive been dying to play a game as (that) Impa. Why not? And id like to know what came of Midna and Hilda. Ive always wondered what a good Zelda rpg would be like. They have plenty of characters now. Would it be like a Fire Emblem? Or Bravely Default?

I don't want to spoil anything for you, so ill just agree: yes the Divine Beasts were a brilliant idea. So were the shrines. Don't get in a hurry, and try to do everything. It is so rewarding. Glad to have you!

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