The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes


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Oct 18, 2015
I heard LoZ: TH is out for purchase. Does anyone have it? If so, is it a good game? I'll probably never get the game but maybe my thoughts of it could change once I hear more about it. I've heard it's mostly about shopping, dressing up, and solving puzzles. I could get interested in it but it just doesn't sound that good. Am I wrong? I'd like to hear people's thoughts on the game, so, comment below if you want. :) Thanks!
it hurts me to say this as a Zelda man, but i probably will be skipping this one. from what I'm reading, the single player is almost discouraged. i can't see me buying a copy for myself and my child and trying to coordinate playing together.

but never say never
Yeah, it doesn't look that great to me either. There's a lot of things I don't like about it (Like Link wearing dresses and the Mario references). Unfortunately I don't think I'll ever purchase it to be honest. It doesn't seem that great.
I'm very late to this thread, but... the game is okay. Not great, but okay. Fun yet tedious at times. It's really not as bad as it sounds/looks, but I wouldn't rate it over 7/10 myself.
Well I am late to the threat too, but I am glad that I came in time to see @Shane give a review, and it is enough for me to take a pass. I am with @dustinb12 here, and I love all the Zelda games, but I figure if it is a game that is not really being hyped, and is not a big one, then I am really not too interested. It is one of those that if it turns out to be great, I will hear about and then go get it, but until then, I can find some other things to do.
Yes, thank you for the review and reply @Shane. I would say that's about right, even though I haven't played it, but it just doesn't look like something that's too great after awhile. Thank you @rz3300 as well for the reply, I'm glad to hear your thoughts from both of you. Thanks again.
this game is ok on its own but a lot better with friends. it does offer to play with other people at random but i only have hard quests to do on the game and when i get in a team with another 2 random people and we fail at the hard quests they leave and another new person will replace them who hasnt learnt anything from the failed attempt at the quest before. then the other person will leave and be replaced by another new person. so frustrating. if anyone plays this and has patience to actually try doing a mission over and over til we do it. let me know because i think i have like 4 missions left to do which are prety much impossible on single player

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