The Mario Bros move and life


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Oct 22, 2014
Super NES
While it may not be the best representation of what the Mario series has to offer, the SMB movie did contain some great lessons. In this video, we talk about five quotes from the movie and how they can teach us a few things about life.

So what do you folks think about this movie? Got any great Mario quotes to share?
There is something strangely zen about adopting "trust the fungus" as one's personal mantra! :rolleyes:
The only thing the movie got right was that Italian plumbers are awesome. Other than that they got all the villains and characters wrong. Like I said in a previous post there needs to be a reboot for the movie. They need to do it right. That TMNT reboot was pretty good, and I think it could do just as good in the theaters.
Awesome video @2MooglesGaming , thanks for sharing. You have a great channel, actually. :)

I'd like to suggest the following video, Cinema Sins is also really funny and pick apart movies. Super Mario Bros. wasn't spared the exercise.

@LegendofImelda Yeah, a reboot of the movie would be pretty awesome. Though an proper animated film would probably be better. That way you don't have to worry about finding people who look like Mario and Bowser.

@Hyrule Chicken Thank you! :D We really appreciate you taking the time to check out the video. We've seen that video before, he really doesn't hold back! XD
I'm surprised that Nintendo hasn't tapped the animated movie market, or the TV show market for that matter. I wish Nintendo would think a bit more like Marvel or DC, who both have such an amazing stable of characters that they tap for movies, TV, video games... Nintendo needs to branch out. A Mario or Donkey Kong Country cartoon would be amazing.
I would also like to see a Smash Bros. movie. That is probably the game with the biggest cult following out of all the current Nintendo games. They could make it similar in graphics to that 'Wreck-it Ralph' movie.
@Hyrule Chicken Seriously, if Nintendo went the Marvel route they could just dominate everything. It really feels like they were burned pretty bad with shows like Captain N and the Super Mario Super Show, and just never wanted to go back. Maybe one day...

@LegendofImelda A Smash Bros movie would be awesome. If they took Subspace Emissary and made that a movie, we'd totally go see it.
@2MooglesGaming Yeah but look at Super Mario World cartoon, that was awesome. The theme song is stuck in my head now:

That and the Zelda show ("well excuuuuuuse me princess") were a staple of my childhood, even if they didn't last that long.

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