The most iconic Mario sound effect


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
It could be the original sound of collecting a coin to the sound a feather makes when it upgrades you to flight in Super Mario World, there was always a sound effect that someone identified with that made them feel good inside. My case was those special bonus levels in Super Mario World, where the 1ups flowed in frequently from the "?" mark game. Then all you'd hear is:

That sound. But imagine it, repeatedly going off. It was like XMAS!
My personal top five iconic Mario sound effects would most definitely be:

(1) The sound of Mario (or Luigi) earning a 1-up (be it via a 1-Up Mushroom, earning a hundred coins, or earning however many points is required).

(2) The sound of using a Super Mushroom to super-size Mario (or Luigi).

(3) The invincibility theme that plays when Mario (or Luigi) is under a Power Star's protection. (If we can count an entire theme as a sound effect.)

(4) The sound of Mario (or Luigi) earning yet another coin.

(5) The sound Yoshi makes when his tongue lashes out in a frog-like fashion.

And, unquestionably, my absolutely least favourite iconic Mario sound effect is the sound of Baby Mario crying in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island! :eek:

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My good lord that baby Mario was so addicting. When on Yoshi you just wanted to free it and save it so it'd shut up. And feed that little guy. Come to think of it, Yoshi did most everything for that little twat. But what did he repay Yoshi with? A swift kick down a very high dropoff that would have otherwise killed him for an "Extra Jumping Platform"

Mario was Traitorous, I say! *waves fire hat around* burn hiiiiiimmmmmm

Another one I couldn't forget the castle victory music from Super Mario World:

Sound effects can be themes. I'll allow it :D
The most iconic sound is from the first one whenever you would go down the drain pipe. It sort of sounded like a walrus fart haha.
Definitely the 1-Up sound. It sounded like sweet music to your ears, especially if you got a few in a row. I actually use that sound as my notification sound for any text messages I get on my cell phone. People always notice it and think it's pretty neat.
I would have to say my favorite is when you bring down an item by pressing select in super Mario world for the SNES. I can recognize that sound anywhere, its truly unique!
Definitely the sound effect when picking up a new coin. Hearing any cash register make a similar noise immediately reminds of days of Mario goodness.

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