The N64 is now a hot item among game collectors

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
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Lately, the N64 seems to be the hot system among collectors. I've noticed quite a few large N64 collections hitting eBay. Even retro game stores have noticed a surge in sales of N64 units.

Certainly, some of the folks purchasing the systems and games are merely doing so to flip them on eBay and make money. But I'm sure there are those who just want to enjoy the games that were exclusive to the system. Either way, it's great news that the N64 is much sought after these days.
Wow, that is good news. It's truly a great system, and I know I have one kicking around somewhere. I really need to dig it up and play, but in the meantime I've been revisiting games through the Virtual Console on the Wii. :)
The Nintendo 64 is one of the systems that I grew up on as a little kid (the other being the GameCube) so it has a special place in my heart. It's probably about tied with the Wii for my third place for Nintendo consoles.
I know many folks that only got into Nintendo gaming because of the N64. It was revolutionary and ahead of the pack when it was released, even PC gamers took notice of the system's capabilities. I think owning the original console makes a huge difference to the experience. Even if some folks don't like the controller, it's still an integral part of the machine. It's truly a unique proposition, even in the current gaming landscape.
I agree @Damien Lee, and honestly I never had a big issue with the controller that a lot of people did. It was different, it was weird, but it worked. Not to say that it was perfect or without flaws, but I still managed to play hundreds upon hundreds of hours with it anyways, so it couldn't have been all bad.
I think looking back that controller is the only thing about the console I didn't like. I think it just felt too awkward to me. The GameCube controller was also awkward but I didn't have a problem with it, though.
Well said Damien, and your statement stays true to me as well. The main reason I became such an Nintendo fan was because of the N64. I have also noticed that the prices for this console are quite high compared to some other "retro" consoles.

What amazes me is that some people are willing to pay not only for the game but for the original box and the various manuals I never kept as a child. For example, the Super Smash Bros 64 original box is on sale for about 40$ on eBay - and that's not including the game!
I was too young to appreciate my NES and SNES. But once I came of age around the time N64 burst on the scene, I can proudly say I appreciate this console. It has to be my all-time favorite gaming console hands down because of all the nostalgia it brings with it.
Retro gaming is all the rage these days, and you only have to look at some of the prices that people are asking for these old consoles to see how popular they still are.

It's a shame really because if I'd have know they would have come back into fashion, I'd have kept old of all mine instead of throwing them out all them years ago!
Well I still have mine, and it makes me curious to see what I could get for it. I am not really too confident when it comes to these things though, and even when you hear they are going for high it usually depends on a lot of things and I never seem to be able to capitalize. That is fine, though, and I am happy just keeping mine....maybe it'll be worth even more down the road. Thanks for sharing.
This goes in waves in the collecting world. A certain system will get white hot a few months then another one will and oddly and I don't get why right now it's the 32X but why anyone wants one is beyond me. I never play mine.
I have an old N64 which I cannot use because it doesn't work and I do not really know why. I was considering the idea of buying an used one just to play my favorite games. It defintiely would be a great thing to do since I love playing classic games.

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