The "New" 3DS


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Jul 16, 2014
Recently, Nintendo announced that they will be releasing a 3DS with some new features. The new features include a new form of 3D display, the ability to change the exterior cases, and faster speeds.

Here is the trailer for the upcoming 3DS:
In my opinion, I think the new 3DS is a bit gimmicky, and because the new 3DS is so similar to the old 3DS, I will not be making the switch. What do you think about the new 3DS?
I won't be getting it any time soon. I just bought a 3ds for my birthday, so I'm fine.
It's not something I necessarily need so I won't die or anything if I don't get it
talked to an awesome gamestop employee last nite who said to wait till late next year, they will be releasing one that has hardware upgrades, and fixes the 3d blurry issue (if you twitch or turn slightly, it won't mess up the view.) i was very excited to see the NES 3ds, but i will wait as there is nothing wrong with my original, other than the small screen
This one is going to have exclusive games that aren't going to work on the old 3DS, though, and that's the probably the only thing I have against it.
I'm still not sure if I'm going to get it, but I'll be upset if any games I want comes out on it :/
I'm probably gonna get one eventually, but not anytime soon. I'm saving up for a different system.
They're doing it again: they're pulling an NDS/ NDS Lite/ NDS XL combo all over again.

Nintendo thinks they can cash in on their loyal fanbase by releasing the same console over and over again with a few minor tweaks. And the saddest part is that they are absolutely right. It doesn't matter that the new device brings just extremely insignificant changes to the older version: they certainly are going to rake in all the money with the right amount of exclusives and such for their "new" console.

All I've got to say: props to Nintendo. They certainly seem to have found that money-making formula.
I don't really see myself getting one anytime soon. Maybe sometime in the later future but not right now. I like to have things like the 3ds when I am on long flights so maybe when I have to travel again I would get one just before my trip.
This is probably only for the people thinking about getting a 3DS, so for them it's pretty good. For people like me with a 3DS already, it does seem like Nintendo is trying to give newcomers a better experience. The whole case replacement feature adds a new level of customization which is nice, and better performance open up a plethora of opportunities for future games to have better graphics and more features.
I understand that Nintendo is hurting for money, but this right here is a cash grab. I do not see many new features on this new 3ds so they should not be charging full price on it.
I've had my 3DS for some time now, and I purchased it from a pawn shop for $120. Shortly after, they came out with the 3DSXL, which made me regret my purchasing decision to get this but it was too late to refund it and get an XL.

I would happily switch to the new 3DS as I have noticed with Pokemon X and Y as well as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that there is some lagginess in the games which does not contribute to the games at all. I feel like Nintendo is trying to put stronger games out there but they don't have the right systems with the right processing power. Now if I used an emulator with a ROM (which is legal because I own the games), my computer wouldn't lag any. I feel bad for Nintendo because they have these great ideas, they just don't have the right units to push out these games IMO.

Anyway, on topic: Yeah, I'd flip to the new 3DS just for the processing power in it. Glad to hear it's an improved system.

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