The Nintendo quality debate


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Jun 27, 2016
Now I get that people will always have their opinions and do their own things and just complain of what they didn't want and all of that........

But for Nintendo, its a different story all together.

1.Some act like Nintendo doesn't make quality games
2.Some claim that Nintendo reuses the ideas over and over again
3.Some claim that Nintendo doesn't get into the times
4.Some claim that Nintendo is more on the cash grab side of things when doing stuff like FE:Fates
5.Some claim that Nintendo is bound to die off soon and has lost its touch.

These five points have been repeated over and over again to the point that I just wonder what Nintendo can do at this point?

I think we can all agree here that last year wasn't such a great year for Nintendo not only suffering from the E3 department but also because of the loss of the former president Satoru Iwata( I still miss him.... :'( )

People have also claimed that Nintendo made a lot of crappy games last year.

And yet people don't say the same thing to other devs like Atlus, Square Enix etc?

I don't know about you guys but I personally feel that Nintendo is getting unnecessary hate here. I had a blast with Conquest, I had a fun time with Paper Jam even though it had some problems and I think Dream Team does things better but I'm still fine with it.

Its really so rare for me to rage or rant at them really. I can understand that the Wii U's library is lacking but it does have quality games in it.
1. Well that's stupid. Nintendo single-handedly saved the console market precisely thanks to the Nintendo seal of quality program. To this day they are the only company that on a consistent basis has only released games that are nearly 100% glitch free. Lately other developers have gotten the mentality of pushing out unfinished games with the intention of fixing bugs later if people complain enough; but that has actually led to a couple games being recalled.

2. They kinda do. Nintendo has been around so long that they have a lot of IP that their younger players have probably never played, or it's been so long since the first release that players can play the sequel with fresh eyes. Or they may re-use the same story but give it a twist with all-new game mechanics. That's not a bad thing. It's not like annual releases like the Assasan's creed series where the game is the exact same game as last year but with a new skin and more bugs.

3. Nintendo is a 127 year old company, they have been around this long by looking to the future and not pandering to every single hot topic of the month. They won't do what everyone else is doing just because it's popular, but they keep an idea of what's going to happen next. Nintendo may do some crazy things, but they always make sure that they have a big enough warchest to survive if those ideas falter. They do this by not doing anything stupid. The SNES, N64, and Gamecube were the most powerful consoles of their time only because the greater power improved gameplay. Now greater power means nothing, a game made for the elite of the PC master race will play pretty similar to a game on the gamecube. Microsoft and Sony are fighting tooth and nail to have the most powerful consoles, and even then they are pathetically underpowered compared to a nice gaming PC (which arguably can be cheaper in the long run if you wait for Steam Sales and HumbleBundles). Sony is fighting hard because the Playstation is the last division making any meaningful profit, while Microsoft is in the progress of turning the Xbox line into another PC.

4. It;s not like Nintendo is taking last year's popular game, skinning it with a modified story, then releasing it this year as a brand new game.

5. This is just ignorance. Nintendo will outlive the Xbox Console, and will most likely outlive the Playstation.

Honestly? It's best to just ignore these people. They probably grew up in a household where their parents taught them to believe they are smart and always right; and are no longer able to revise their beliefs and opinions in the face of reality. You can try, but most likely they are beyond saving and there's nothing you can do anymore. Just try to quietly ignore them and move on, or kindly request them to stop bringing up the topic in unrelated threads.
^ Pretty much this.

Most people are so clueless about the industry. Kinda brainwashed in some ways. If anything MS and Sony are stagnating the industry.Making PC consoles that are nearly the same and drive development costs high leading to less risks taken which means less creativity. They helped fund the crap DLC practices of today. They give third parties money to get more of it.

Me and a buddy the other day were talking how Nintendo and SEGA drove the industry forward. Nintendo it's been innovation of ideas and new ways to play. SEGA in it's day drove tech forward. Model 3 is still impressive. Dreamcast was using lighting effects in first party games we did not see as a standard til PS3/360. I have gone into other ways how DC was way way ahead of it's time. That is how SEGA drove the industry forward is putting tech out there long long before anyone else did. Shenmue's development was inventing new ways to make games. Now all that is standard. Losing them in the console race was a huge blow to the industry...but it was their own fault. Sega of Japan made bad decisions and handled money poorly.

Nintendo as mentioned introduced the seal. The seal assured that the game they bought was licensed by Nintendo. This meant no more Purina Dog Chow or Custards Revenge type of games. Sure NES had bad games but no porn games and was not over-flooded by them. Nintendo has introduced us to the D pad,shoulder buttons and select button. Popularized analog. Even Mario 64 and OoT set a template how all 3D games are still made. Even when Nintendo quote on quote "fails" like with Wii U..Sony and MS have copied the idea. Smartglass and Vita. Nintendo is very smart with their money.

If all Sony and MS had were a console division similar to Nintendo they would have gone out of business years ago. MS in 2005 and Sony in 2011. Nintendo has less money than both yes but they are set up different and a smaller company so that that 8.5 billion is more than plenty of money. Sony has more but is hurting more. They have more and PlayStation is the only pillar holding them up. MS with windows can continue to fail and lose money on Xbox brand as long as they want to. I doubt they will tho. MS came very close 2 years ago to closing the Xbox branch down. Sony in 2008 was ready to abandon the console market. Wii U even in it's failure to sell many systems is doing financially ok enough. Enough to have a 5 year cycle. SNES in the US got only 5 years.

Nintendo has been doomed upon by people and press since 1983 when Famicom was coming out it was doomed. Before SNES it was doomed because of Genesis. Wii and DS were doomed beforehand and I had a good feeling about them.

Nintendo will be fine.
Yeah, I kinda expected a positive response.

Still though, the way people say that Nintendo hasn't made a lot of great games last year gets me a bit off. People tend to forget that last year we saw a lot of other great games from Nintendo as well particularly Splatoon.....
Eh? People are idiots, always forming opinions about things they weren't paying attention to in the first place.
The Wii U has a fantastic library, and so does the 3DS (which probably has my favorite handheld library of all time). Personally, there aren't as many games on the Wii U as I would like there to be that I like to play, the ones on there that I like to play I absolutely love to play like Super Mario 3D World, Hyrule Warriors, and Pokken Tournament. The 3DS has Super Mario 3D Land (my favorite handheld Mario game), two of the best Pokemon games, an incredible Animal Crossing, and a bunch of other stuff like Mario Kart. I understand that these games won't appeal to everyone, and that's fine. If you're a Nintendo fan, Nintendo has put out many quality games this generation. However, to people who aren't fans of Nintendo they aren't going to find much they like on either of their consoles. But then again if they really don't like Nintendo there's no point in complaining about them, they should just spend their time doing something more positive like talking about things they actually do like.
Well the one that says they reuse ideas over and over is just plain dumb, because what else are you supposed to do when you come out with games that people absolutely love? Would they prefer them not to keep coming out with new Mario games? I would think that more people would be up in arms if that were the case, but oh well. There are some people that you will never be able to please, so I am not too concerned with their opinions.
I don't really care what other's think, the only way it affects me is because the more others like it the more nintendo will put into it. Other than that i don't care. (Yes it has been ages since i have been on :))
this is a great thread, near and dear to my heart. I consistently bash yahoo's comment sections on all their Doom and Gloom Nintendo articles. I hope they never fade out for i love all the games I've gotten over the years. Ive replayed many of them.

As for new stuff, yeah Splatoon. Nuff said.

As for quality, an example came to mind: Have y'all ever noticed say, in Mario Kart 8, all the details in the background? For Baby Park course, you can see all kinds of rides and concession stands. Like i would love to be there. Same thing in Mario Golf World Tour 3ds. Gameplay quality is seen well in Majora's Mask 3d. They made the most of the hardware and touchscreen to make a great game stellar. Quality

They might have cashed in on nostalgia a little. How many remakes/re-releases have you bought? I got a few

good thread

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