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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Hell0, the purpose of this is to discuss the love of our pets!

What do you have?
What would you like to have?

I'll go first. We have a pug and 3 guinea pigs(cavies) and I really did this to pose a question to all the guinea pig owners: Ours are quite ill tempered. I was understanding they are lovable and sociable. We recently introduced the 2 full growns to a new addition, and the older one is biting her repeatedly. They fight many times during the day so I've separated them. Anyone have these pets/issues?

Would love to hear about your pets, and no, Pokemon or Digimon do not count!
I don't have pets at the moment. I live in an apartment, not so big, and I don't have the time a pet deserves at the moment. But in the medium term, maybe a few months or a year from now, I'd love to get some turtles. I had many turtles as a kid, and I love 'em. They're also realistic to keep where I live. My woman adopted a Husky the same week we moved into this apartment and we ended up giving it away to a lovely family a month afterwards... the poor dog didn't have nearly enough space to run around and be happy, it showed every time we took it outside, and that wasn't nearly often enough.

Maybe in a few years when I can afford a house. I love dogs!
my wife had a husky in New Mexico, but I know in this South Louisiana climate they would have a hard time. Very pretty dogs.

Crunch, your bud is adorable!
well for my daughter Christmas came early this year. She fell in love with an Australian Shepherd she met at the vet. Anyone here familiar? Ive never really heard of them until now. He is an awesome puppy and likes to play.
Are we bringing this back? I can post my pugsly when I get home.
yeah, i figured with the new addition id ask for tips. I heard this is a hyper dog, which kinda clashes with my laid back ways, but he is my 12 yr old's baby so..
I have six dogs, which sounds like a lot... because it is, lol.
Well that is quite the vicious attach from the baby seal there. That is pretty cute, and now I kinda want one too. I do not have a pet right now but it makes me miss my little man. I have always grown up with cats, so I guess I am a cat person, but I love dogs too and have always wanted to have one. Maybe one day.
I have a cocker spaniel. He's old. Now I want a less hairy dog tbh. So, I am looking at labs and certain mixed bred dogs as well. I have had many dogs so far, and in terms of intelligence and playfulness, my spaniel tops them all. But, the problem is that now in his old age, he's facing a lot of strange diseases specific genes and breed. Its hard to see your dog fall ill every year during the old age. This is why I want to find a breed that's fewer issues in the old age.
Our Aussie Shepherd is 9 weeks now, and he has been a fun handful. He's almost like a squirrel, making messes faster than you can clean em. He's very loving and smart, but the biting phase was terrible. We love him
I honestly can't remember if we've ever had a pet thread. So here goes: We have a pug, an aussie shepherd, a shitzus, a guinea pig, and lots of fish. (Platys and Lady Bettas) What kind of animals do y'all have?

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