The Playstation 4 shows us why Sony is a shit gaming company


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Jan 29, 2018
So I found this article on gamespot when trying to figure out why my PS4 couldn't find my 5GHz Wifi:

It turns out my OG PS4 only has up to Wifi N (5GHz is AC), but the PS4 Slim has AC (Which I'd known that when I bought).

What pisses me off is that my OG PS4 only has Bluetooth 2.1 and so y'all know why this is BS: The Xbox 1 has Bluetooth 4.0 (But I guess doesn't use it according to reddit?) but the Wii U also has Bluetooth 4.0.

That is right.

While the PS4 was "The hardcore system gamers wanted" apparently Sony thought it was okay for games to control worse if the graphics were good.

This, and also the fact that their customer support went to shit are why I will be trying to break away from PS4 for Switch (Which had AC Wifi from the start, and Bluetooth 4.0) and Steam.
OG PS4 is almost five years old. If you're into Sony games, shouldn't you be looking at PS4 Pro by now?
@Segata that's a good list of games, but it looks like outside of Gundam Versus and Persona 5 everything is also on Steam. If you were dumb enough to get a PS4 and not a Slim, or Pro (Like me) you'd be able to play those games on Steam with better input as well.

I think graphics are important, and that systems should be a PS4 Pro level of graphics capability, but not at the cost of input, and online. I already have a system that lets me play things with great graphics, bad input, and no online. It's a Blu ray player.
I got my PS4 in 2015 dude and don't call me dumb, reported. I don't like steam. I don't like digital much. I'd much rather own them. Graphics are not an end-all.
@Segata I don't think you're reading my messages properly.

"If you were dumb enough to get a PS4 and not a Slim, or Pro (Like me)" is not calling you dumb. The "you" refers to the reader, and the fact that there is a "(like me)" at the end shows that I could not call anyone dumb with this line without calling myself dumb.

Also, I am saying that gameplay (controls and online) should come before graphics, so your line "Graphics are not an end-all." just kind of proves my point that Sony has been really stupid as a console developer on the PS4.
@crunchyg I was going to say something along the lines of that, but I guess you have more influence anyways! xD

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