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Hyrule Chicken

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Aug 25, 2015
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Alright, Battletoads is widely considered as one of the hardest games of all time. So, who here has actually managed to beat the game? Who's in the coveted gamers club that can proudly stand up and say they've made it to the end credits?

The source of all of your gamer nightmares:

Who actually managed to get pass this !@#$?

I am proud to say that I'm part of the group of people who've managed to get to the end of Battletoads and finish the game. I won't say how long it took me, and how much of my sanity I had to sacrifice, but I did it! :)
I died at that part of the game every time. I never finished it, and never will. I hope every copy of that game is banished to the gates of hell lol.
@Hyrule Chicken Well done! You're definitely a hardcore gamer. :)

I've enjoyed playing Battletoads but I've only beaten it with cheats. I know, it's a bit sad considering that I'm the type that prefers to get good at a game and get all the way to the end, without using such methods. However, the game is hard as nails as you've already mentioned. It's definitely a lot harder than Contra but probably on par with Shinobi on the PS2, which drove me to the edge of insanity as well.
Haha yeah it's honestly an insanely hard game, and I'm usually really bad at gaming but I was focused! This was also back in the days where gaming all night Friday, and all day Saturday & Sunday were pretty common occurrence. Now I'm lucky if I can string a few hours together. :)

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