The Switch Paradox


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Mar 25, 2016
I hate to be making another thread but something needs to be said: A ton of people are disappointed in the Switch presentation. Over at another site I have looked at, though they are 90% PS4/XBox One fans primarily, they are rattling off post after post about how disappointed they are, especially with the price of the console and controllers and the fact of paid online. And these are people of whom many were going to buy a Switch for themselves if the presentation went over well with them. Now if they buy one, it will be to sell for a profit. I suggest that the following is true...

Those who had high expectations for the presentation were highly disappointed. Let's be honest. The presentation wasn't the very highest quality it could have been.

Then those who were really negative about it and had the lowest expectations possible, were impressed. I got to see Nintendo's underlying vision this time, and am able to look past all the negativity and see the light now.
I have been very excited about the switch since it's announcement, and I still feel the same after watching the presentation on Friday. I think it's a reasonable price (seeming that it's for launch day, other consoles would be more expensive on launch), but I am a bit iffy when it comes to having to pay for online service. I play online a lot but I will only pay for it if it seems worth the money. Overall, I'm so eager to buy the Switch on March 3; the console and the joy-cons are amazing, and there is such a huge line-up of first and third party games that I just can't resist. I'm also very happy about the removal of region locking.
It's a great hybrid system which bridges the gap between mobile and console.
It does seem expensive considering Nintendo is more for casual gamers and kids. And then factor that there aren't many games available at launch and that in a year or so the competition will have new, much more powerful systems, it seems like an uphill climb. But I started with the NES and am a Nintendo fan so I will be rooting for them.
The Switch launch and pricing still isn't nearly as bad in most ways as the XBox One's though. $500 and there for awhile, people were forced to have a Kinect.

Also, I'd argue Nintendo is becoming a bit more hardcore these days - even though they aren't fully there yet.

Last of all, the competition's systems are a joke if all they do is make games go from 1080p to 4K.

I appreciate the post though. Swear I'm not trying to be nasty or argumentative about it.
I'm legit surprised people actually thought it would come in under $300. $300 is the lowest I expected, but I braced myself for 350+. I mean, it has to force all of it's power into a tablet that can easily swap in and out of a dock, with new controllers that are fairly advanced for their size. Not to mention it has to have decent battery life jammed into it.

Sure I wanted it to be $250 or less, and they would almost certainly move more units if it were less, but this is still nintendo.

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