The Wii U GamePad Review

I prefer the Pro controller and kind of dislike the gamepad. I loved the feel of the Nintendo Gamecube controller and kind of wish they included ports on the WiiU for them. At least we get a peripheral when Smash 4 comes out, otherwise I don't know how I could have lived without them.
I've never really liked it. Even though I have big hands it has always seemed so big and clunky, and at the same time more fragile than a tablet. I'm not sure if it's just mine, but it also seems a bit off balance, making it even more awkward to use. All the games I've played could be seen played without the gamepad (With a few exceptions), and it usually just seems to get in the way.
Nintendo has always aimed for innovation with their controllers and I think the Gamepad is a perfect representation of that. I love being able to switch from TV mode and make the games semi-portable around the house. I have big hands as well and it feels so comfortable in my grip. The button layout isn't perfect, but it's pretty close. Most importantly, my fingers don't start to hurt after using it for awhile. Xbox and PlayStation controls always end up hurting in one way or another. I think it's the analog sticks. Anyway, I'd say it's less about the impact it has on game play, but how it enhances the console as a whole. At the current generation, consoles have to be more than gaming stations; they need to be media centers as well. The Gamepad manages to give WiiU owners the best of both worlds. It also leaves a lot of options open for developers - Pokemon Snap 2 using the GamePad would be the best game ever. Nintendo has a lot of room to work with and obviously knew what they were doing. On top of all that, it's engaging, fun, and easy to use. Watching Netflix in my bed is huge plus, too. :)

My only real complaint about the Gamepad is the cheap-looking plastic it's made out of, including the screen. But you have to remember that it's designed for a younger audience, so it had to be durable. Other than that, I love it!

However, I think I've said this elsewhere; the GameCube controller will always be Nintendo's best pad. I'm so happy that the WiiU is getting peripherals to keep those beauties current. The Pro control is nice, but nothing comes close to the original GameCube control. To me, it was literally perfect.

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