THE Worst Cartridge Sticker?


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Jan 29, 2014
I believe I have come across the worst cartridge sticker that truly reflects the effort and care put into said game...






Some other examples of poor NES sticker/box art?
I first learned about Cheetamen I-&-II from the Angry Video Game Nerd's Cheetamen episode. (You might also want to watch his related Action 52 episode, as it is the immediate precursor to the Cheetamen episode.) Angrily reviewing truly awful games is his shtick, but I was truly impressed by how shockingly atrocious and unplayably glitched Cheetamen II looks!

If you think that the Cheetamen II sticker is bad, flip the cartridge over: they lazily recycled unused Action 52 cartridges!

Then again, considering that this game was never released and moreover how the lack of care given to its exterior is a frank warning of the similar lack of care given to its interior: I'm almost tempted to give them a pass on the cheap sticker! I.e. This is a instance in which one can judge a book by its cover!
Think about that US $349.99 price for Action 52 in this way: It's only a mere US $6.73/game! What a bargin! ;)

In all seriousness though, Action 52 cartridges are relatively rare. Seeing completest collectors shell out that much for one doesn't really surprise me. Indeed, that price pales in comparison to some of the entries on this list of rarer NES games. US $650-875 for Cheetamen II! US $18,000 for the Nintendo World Championships Gold Cartridge!

To think that, back in the day, my parents complained that the mere two-figure price-tags for NES games were too expensive! ;)

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