The worst thing you lost because of playing games


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Jul 30, 2016
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I lost my job haha. when I found out about COD online many years back, I couldn't stop playing. I used to stay up all night, and when it was time for me to go to work, I would just be like I'll tell them I'm sick or something.

The best excuse was when my boss called me and I told him I thought it was my day off. After my 3rd time using that one, I got fired.
I haven't lost anything. I play in moderation. Only for a short period of time every week.
Same here, @NintendoTech. I only play video games for roughly 45 minutes a day, and I don't even play on Sundays.
time. time i shoulda spent with my family, pets, or working. I'm good at balancing it out though. i try to play my own stuff by myself. when everyone is home its family time
Well I cannot personally say that I have lost anything due to gaming, at leat not anything substantial like a job or a relationship. I will say, though, that my grades suffered significantly in college because of my gaming. I know that I am not alone there, but it is still alarming for me to think about. I wish I could go back and just prioritize things a little better and use better time management, but of course hindsight is always 20/20.
Maybe my temper, that's about the only thing that I have ever lost through gaming. Especially when playing online, I'm sure we've all come across those people that if you saw them in real life you'd just love to kick the sh*t out of them for the way they act and talk.

Going back to the OP, if you're losing your job because of gaming I seriously think you need to have a look at your priorities, and that is the rocky road to addiction my friend. Hope you've managed to sort that out. Just come and get mad with me instead, haha.
Gaming is making me a income where I can pay bills put food on the table and a roof over my head. My website takes up a lot of time. and I always try to update my website and youtube channel. But I also do Volunteer work for the American Red Cross and my local children's museum that is run by the Boys & Girls Club. I even teach kids how to skateboard at my local skate park.
Isn't that more talking about what you have gained because of gaming rather than what the thread is about, what you have lost? If you can earn a living from gaming in one way or another then fair play to you, but while there are a lot of people that are in the same boat as you, we also have to realise that gaming addiction IS a big thing these days and I think that there are more people than we think that are struggling to maintain a balance in their life because of gaming taking over.
When I get extra money to spend. I buy Video games. So yes I am an addict. But I also know my limits. yesterday I did close to 3 hours of Let's Play Videos for my YouTube channel. And I'm trying to close a deal with an Advertisement company. But Video games have made me lost life. I don't go out that much like I use to. But I do volunteer. But I lost my health.
Hm... I would say time. I now look back a little bit and see how I could've been using that time to do something besides playing games, but I've also had quite a few good times and memories from playing games, so I don't regret it too much. Thanks.
Well, I personally think that the worst thing I have ever lost because of gaming has been my monitor, it happened back in the days when I used to play games the whole day non-stop, my mom used to get really mad at me because I used to stay on the PC instead of going early to bed, it was a shame because I actually had to wait for my parents to get it fixed and that entire process took so long, I obviously could not handle the situation the first days, but everything went back to normal after some time, by the way, they got it fixed one month later.
I think that people who have never been interested in gaming will see video games as detrimental to people's lives in a lot of different ways, but that's simply because they don't understand what people get out of them in the first place. It's easy to see what video game addiction can take away from a persons life, but what they don't see is the benefits it can also bring, and if a person is suffering from ill health such as social anxiety, sometimes video gaming can be that persons only access to the outside world on some days, so surely that needs to be mentioned as well as one of the positives of gaming.
@pwarbi You're definitely right. There are many people all around the world that do not see video games just as "games". They mostly see them as a way to escape from the world we're living in and have some fun playing games, it really is a plus for many people, we do not have to judge people just for what they do, we always have to look beyond that.
To some extent I do think that as gaming as got more and more popular, that stigma attached to gamers isn't there as much as it once was, but it does still exist to a certain degree. It doesn't help that the more people play games, the more some people are getting addicted to them and as with any news, the bad news always gets more airtime than the good.
I don't know if it applies but my worst experience regarding videogames, has to do with the time when my dad bought me a Game Boy Advance with Super Mario 2 for playing. I got so hooked up that even when I turned off the game, I kept on hearing the music. I was so scared. I was like 10 and it felt like something straight out of a creepy pasta, I could not stop listening to it.
Some games can certainly start to affect you mentally, and especially if you have played them for long periods of time. I also remember sometimes as a child I would spend al day on a game and then when it came time for bed I could still hear the music and sound effects, even see the screen when I shut my eyes and that was a odd feeling that made me worry.

Well, I say worry...obviously not too much as I carried on playing the game again the next day, but you know what I mean, haha!
That's something crazy @pwarbi I've been addicted to many games and the worst that has happened to me was that I could not sleep thinking of the game and what I was going to do after I wake up the next morning, it's crazy.
I have missed my train stop because of a few different good games in the past. The last game that did that to me was Advance Wars dual strike on the DS. Lol!
@pwarbi @Casiox Well that is what happened to me. The first time I got REALLY SPOOKED. My mom wasn't that worried she just scolded at me for playing for so long. I ended up playing again like in two days.

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