The Year of Luigi


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Sep 25, 2013
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So... 2013 has been the "Year of Luigi". It has seen 3 games starring Luigi...

Luigi's Manion: Dark Moon - 3DS
New Super Luigi U - Wii U
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - 3DS

... as well as several other videogame and non-videogame things. Such as (including things exclusive to other countries too)...

The Chicago L Train was converted into the "Luigi Train"
A Luigi-themed 3DS-XL (with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team pre-installed)
The Year of Luigi Sound Selection CD, with music (30 songs) from games with Luigi
Luigi Miiverse Communities
New Super Luigi U Scrapbook
Limited Edition Luigi Lapel Pin - Club Nintendo members could win 1 of 980 pins
A Wii U Summer Tour, where the 3 Luigi games were featured in booths/kiosks that traveled the country
Luigi Swapnote Stationary
Luigi announced for new Super Smash Bros game
Several Nintendo employees set out through 3DS StreetPass wearing Luigi hats.
Year of Luigi Facebook page.
Countless Luigi-themed merchandise

..among other things, I'm sure.


So, what do you think of the "Year of Luigi". Was it everything that you hoped for. Did you expect more. Do you feel that Luigi deserved more. Or do you think that he has gotten too much attention.

What about games with Luigi. I was going to make a list of all of the games with Luigi, but it just got too, too big. Mario's games still outnumber Luigi's. But Luigi has been in a great number of games as well. Even starring in several titles before the Luigi's Mansion titles. Like, Mario is Missing, for instance. But he's there along his brother Mario for the most part over the years. So, Luigi has a long list of games that he's appeared in too.

That said, what are some of your favorite Luigi games. And/or, what is your favorite iteration of Luigi. Do you like his newer look. Do you like his older looks better. Do you think that he looks better than Mario in a particular Power-Up suit.

What are your thoughts on all things Luigi, and of the Year of Luigi, as a whole.
Luigi belongs in a ghost castle, with a vacuum cleaner on his back. Sorry, I just had to. :)
As a younger brother, whose older brother always "had" to be Mario, I got used to playing as Luigi growing up. As such, I've always been fond of Luigi. Well, at first, it was forced upon me by my older brother. But since the difference between them, at the time, was basically just a color swap, I was ok with it. But, over time, as Luigi started to grow different and different, I still became fond of Luigi. Tho, I won't lie, I've always preferred Mario better. But I've always had a soft spot for Luigi. Even when others didn't. So, I'm glad that Luigi is branching out on his own, and getting his own spotlight.
I am definitely okay with this! I kind of want some of the sunshine to go on Peach or Daisy though. Maybe have them together in a game getting Mario and Luigi? I think that would be cool.

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