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Jul 15, 2014
Game Boy Advance SP
Thekid woke up one day and decided to play some wii so he grabbed some Dora the explorer fruit snacks and root beer and was ready to play mario kart online when he received a message on his wii saying that they were discontinuing the nintendo wifi connection for wii and ds. After thekid saw this he said "no this can't be how will I destroy noobs in mario kart something must be done about this" after saying those word he went to his friends joes house to borrow her car "ok he stole her car but it's still borrowing if he returns it anyway back to the story" he then drove into nintendo of Americas wall and then said "who's in charge here" then a man in a suit come up to him and said "sir you can't park your car in our office can u please move it" but he didn't want to move it he wanted to know why they got rid of the wifi connection for wii and ds after a few moments of arguments and a few fights with security he finally knew why thet discontinued the wifi connection then thekid said "I have to do something I need to destroy noobs at mario kart" he then flew up into the sky towards China and then crashed into nintendos main HQ in China he then took every single one of there computers and a copy of hyrule warriors and then flew up into the sky into space onto one of nintendos satellites he then taped together all of the computers and his wii to the satellite he then punched the satellite and taped a batterie that was in his pocket to the satellite he then knew he needed to power the satellite so he grabbed some Dora fruit snacks from his pocket and threw them inside the satellites batterie holder. The satellite then began to glow and the nintendo wifi connection was returned forever for everyone to enjoy he then flew back to his apartment and then played mario kart online on his wii mini Thekid was happy again.

Soon after he started playing mario kart he then relized he left joes car in nintendo of Americas HQ. He then went to joes house to try and explain but she then punched him in the face and then she had him arrested. He then went to jail for 1000 years. After getting out of jail the satellite he fixed then crashed into nintendo of America and destroyed all there new games and consuls luckily nobody was hurt. After that all the workers at nintendo of America hunted him down and beat him up they then banished him to the moon for 5000 years.

Don't complain to nintendo

The end

I don't know what I was thinking when I was writing this just go with it

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