There could be a chance NX has the best

Well it looks like we have a mystery on our hands. I guess I will venture a guess, though, as to what it might have originally said. "There is a chance the NX has the best graphics of all time". There is my guess, and I also can say that I really hope that it is true, although I doubt it. Any other guesses?
Launch lineup since SNES. SNES had Pilotwings,Super Mario World,F-Zero,Sim City and Gradius III.
NX has Zelda confirmed as a launch game and there is the rumor that Nintendo is funding Beyond Good and Evil 2. We now know Dragon Quest X and XI are coming to NX. X is likely at launch but maybe not US but who knows they said the same about DQ7. We will likely have some launch game like Wii sports or Nintendo land to show the new abilities off. We don't know what Retro is working on but possible launch as we know the game has been in development for over 2 years. Japanese third party support seems to be good for NX. NX could have a very strong launch lineup.
Doughnuts. It will have the best doughnuts.

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