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Dec 23, 2016
The recent trailer of BotW has gotten me thinking; how can this game stand aside from other Zelda games, apart from it being open worlded? So i've come up with a few ideas: tell me what you think. (These ideas mostly work only with switch)

- motion control. Using the joycons as sword and shield would be really good with the enhanced motion controls. You could control the whole sword completely. In TP you weren't really controlling the sword.
- toggle between motion control and 'standard control'. This way you could use motion control for some things and normal controls for others. Gives you freedom for how you want to play
- Hero mode unlocked from the start. BotW is a big game. We saw the map at E3. It will take me ages to finish the game, but I love playing in hero mode. I know it destroys the games replayability, but i think it will be cool to be able to choose hero mode at the start. Or maybe even have a difficulty option in options and then we could change from normal to hero or vice versa.
- Lastly, id like to hear the main overworld theme in BotW. The new soundtrack is great, but I feel like it wouldn't be truly Zelda without it.
yeah im not sure if hero mode would be good or bad from start it is nice to unlock it .but because you have already finished the game on normal. when starting on hero its already made a bit easier knowing how to fight certain bosses or enemies. starting the game for the first time on hero would be more challenging
Have they said anything about motion controls? From what I've seen, motion controls are out this installment. The swings for the many weapons seem entirely binary, as it's not just swords anymore.
I just wonder how creepy the game will get, how it will handle things like graveyard levels assuming they exist...
@Shane that would be interesting, but they wouldnt be too scary because of younger audiences who will play the game
anyone here getting for the wii u? I'm thinking of going preorder it this weekend. Id like to have a Switch, but i HAVE to have my Zelda.

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