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Aug 22, 2016
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Hi Guys!

Just like many of you I have Pokemon Go fever. Specially, because the phone I had did not allowed me to play the game and I acquired a new cooler phone that is compatible with the game. I've really enjoyed playing it, but there are things that I believe Niantic could improve. For instance, the badge thing. By performing certain actions, or better said, by reaching some milestones (i.e. catching 3 tiny ratata), you get badges. But is has not effect whatsoever on your gameplay. acquiring the badges won't give you any kind of advantage (no items, no level ups, NO EXPERIENCE POINTS). So, what incentive do I have as a player to get those badges?
It's actually stunning that you bought a new phone just to play the game, it's such a great thing though, unfortunately I cannot do the same thing, however, when it comes to the whole game mechanics and that sort of thing I personally think these are all okay, I think they must make something in order to let players interact with others, it would be funnier and more enjoyable, also, it would increase the competitiveness level to its highest, that's my opinion though.
@Casiox hahahahah! Didn't buy a new phone just to play the game. My old phone was already in its last days. I looked for said model in specific, so that I could enjoy the game. I don't know where you live, but I think the developers want players to meet naturally by playing the game. I am saying so, because the other day I went to the "Plaza de la Cultura" in my city, which is full of PokeStops, and SURPRISE, there were A BUNCH of people. It was so much fun. When a weird or rare Pokemon appeared and someone noticed, they yelled and everyone went around looking for it.
@Dove Well, I really see your point there, I am from Venezuela and like most people may know, this is a really dangerous country, you can not just go out using your phone and walk around whilst playing Pokémon Go, you have to go along with two watchmen in order to be "safe", you could actually get jumped here, and you do not really want that, indeed.
Well the incentive that you have is really dependent on you I would have to say. I know that I love the game, but the incentive is not really there for me to go all the way and be the best, but for some people that is what brings them joy. All of lives is basically just what we are incentivized to do and how and when, which is kind of interesting to think about. Thanks for getting me thinking, and thanks for sharing.
It's simple actually. I just want more stuffs that are available in the handheld games. I want to battle with my friends! Trade with my friends! I understand that it's hard to implement for phones though. Maybe they need more time to properly test everything and do more trials and errors to make sure things went well.
@CeliVega Yes, specially considering how often their servers are down. They may implement that in the future. I think they are trying to space out the novelty so the hype does not dies down.

@Casiox I get your pain. I am from a Latin American country as well, and the security is not that good. Is not to the levels that we sadly know Venezuela is going through. I went there because it was still early in the afternoon and there were a lot of people but still, some of the pedestrians around us were scolding us saying that we were probably gonna get robbed.
@Dove That's Venezuelan citizens everyday's fear, you never know when you're going to get jumped, you hop in a bus and you fear getting robbed, you go out to buy some soda an you could get robbed as well, everything is really messed up here, it's a shame, for real.

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