This or PS Vita?

Johnny Hopkins

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Nov 24, 2014
Nintendo DS
Which system do you think has better games. The PS VITA and Wii U were given up on in terms of games, but who has come out on top?
That is a hard question mainly cause you are trying to compare console to handheld. I think gaming wise this is one of the few times I would give edge to Wii U, but the games between system are somewhat different. Outside of Bayoneta Wii U has more top games that are more of the same with Mario and Zelda franchises. PS Vita tends to have more action/RPG style games. So it will more depend on what you like to play rather than just saying terms of games. In theory you would give edge to Wii U, but if someone has PS4 and PS Vita the games you have on PS4 you can play on your that is 2 system worth of games....
I think the Wii U has the better games. I currently own the PS Vita and Wii U and I find myself playing the Wii U alot more than the PS Vita. Dont get me wrong the Vita is worth the purchase if you have the spare money but if you could only buy one id suggest getting the Wii U.
That's up to you and what you like and feel you would spend more time on. I think the Wii U has more games than vita so that would be something to check out first.

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