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Mar 25, 2016
I decided I'm for the most part boycotting mature and adults only games. I realize this eliminates many good games, but also, I feel that blood and violence are overused in making a game feel dark or edgey. This means I won't be playing Tomb Raider, the modern ones I mean, Halo, or Bayonetta, anymore.

You don't need M ratings to make a game dark, twisted or scary. Just look at Majora's Mask.

I'm not real firm on this movement yet, but I'm open-minded to the idea of pursuing more positivity in life. If that makes me labeled a treehugger, oh well. At least I'm not trying to stop others from playing adult games, per se.

I still greatly support freedom of speech. I just don't always feel people use it the right way.

I just don't feel like some of these adult games are a positive influence. I have God-like reflexes in the real world now because I played Halo too much as a teen, and I was thinking, how am I doing that? Does my heart beat faster than everyone else's due to too much Halo? Who knows.

I resolved I'm buying a PS4 within the coming weeks. It will be interesting to see what I can play and can't.

I don't expect much support with this post, but who knows.
I'm all for art being expressed in how it needs to be to be what it is.Mario can't be M rated but a Mega Ten game can't be E either. somethings just need to be what they need to be either way.
To be fair Halo 5 is only rated T but the campaign is simply awful and not worth playing anyway.
Well ever since Sega's brainwashing campaign there has been a big push to make games as adults oriented as possible. I don't like it, though some titles like Bayonrtta are still good. My game library is 98% family friendly titles though
^ Um Atari had porn games. Adult games are as old as the industry. Nintendo was going to have a port of Night Trap on the CD add on. In fact in the senate hearings Nintendo using Night Trap against SEGA was using the Nintendo port of that game passing it off as the SEGA version.

In a Fire Emblem game Eliwood has sex with a dragon. Him and Hector as practically gay for one another.
If the content is valuable and important to the game, I don't care what the rating is. It's when it seems unnecessary or like it's trying to hard that I take issue.
^ I might listen to this, what you said, after all. However, what I think constitutes unnecessary may be more strict than what most people do.
^ Anything God of War or David jaffe is trying to hard :p That series and his games do it for shock value but his games suck and he is an idiot.
Adult orientated games don't bother me really to be honest, as I'm of the opinion that at the end of the day they're just games. They might influence some people but that's a minority.

By boycotting those games, you are missing out on a lot of good games, but that's your prerogative so entirely up to you to decide of course.

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