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Jun 27, 2016
So I'm planning to get the Switch next year. Anyone who has experienced the Switch, can you give your advice on the system itself like how to maintain it, what's the required SD card for playing lots of games and what not?
yes please. I dont have one yet and I'm curious about these things also.
The cards need to be USH-1 compatible, from sandisk or samsung or when it comes out western digital 400gb card.
I thought that the Switch supports SDXC isn't that usually enough?
I heard news a while ago that switch consoles would that still apparent?
Haven't heard of Switches bending, or any problems with that. I heard that happened to the iPhone 7 a few months back, but not anything about the Switch bending. I have had no issues with bending with my Switch. I've heard of people scratching the screen in the Switches dock when sliding it in and out of the dock, and of a few malfunctioning consoles that had frozen pixels and other issues. Only a few had frozen pixel problems, and that's just a tiny amount of the large amount of Switches sold and produced. As for screen scratches, I've never had that happen on my Switch that I bought on launch day, March 3rd, and I assume the reason they got scratched is because people are not carefull putting the Switch in the dock. However, I've been a bit inperfect in putting it in the dock and a few times quickly set it in the dock to charge (you can charge the console using the dock or by using a charging cable that plugs right into the system, similary to non wirless charging capable smartphones) and even in not putting a large amount of care in putting it in the dock, not scratched the screen yet, or anywhere on the Switch. The only damage so far is a small chipped part of the console near the power button that is smaller then half of my pinky fingers fingernail. The console works fine despite that chipped part. If you wanna avoid scratching the screen, just be careful when sliding the Switch in and out of the dock and try not to pull the Switch out fo the dock or put it in the dock by pushing the Switch and the glass up against the inside wall of the dock, and try to put the Switch in the dock with all but the glass screen touching any parts of the inside of the dock. I would not worry very much about these kinds of issues, however try not to drop it as it is similar to iPhones, were it isn't extremely durable. I chipped the Switch pretty quick after I got it, within the first 30 days, and had only dropped it a few feet off the ground in a common position to hold the Switch in my hands when using the Switch while walking around my house. I had only dropped the Switch onto the carpet in part of my house, so be carefull when holding it, and try not to drop it more then a foot off the ground ever, if you can manage to.
Ok so about screen protectors. I have now one called amfilm screen protector which is a tempered glass I think. It has an alcohol cloth and I'm paranoid that if I use it on the switch when I get one, it might damage the screen.

Any idea if the switch screen is alcohol proof?
It should since the alcohol will evaporate off and wiping the screen will also absorb the liquid.

Ok so here's the thing. The 3DS manuals always discourage any liquid to use for cleaning the 3DS screens. So are those screens any different than the one on the Switch?

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