To New 3DS Or Not To New 3DS: That Is The Question

Should I get a New 3DS XL?

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Legend of Link

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Feb 15, 2015
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Should I get a New 3DS XL? Right now I just have a classic 3DS and I've been considering upgrading for a while. I have the money. I just don't know if its worth it. Is this an entirely new handheld or is it just like the DSI? Do you think they'll release some other new version in the near future that will make this irrelevant? Please help!
in the same boat, except i will be upgrading. you should check out the upgrades, it seems worth it. Faster uploads, bigger screens, amiibo support for my Kirby. i play mine more than any handheld ever so no brainer. My birthday is in April, so I'm waiting to see if some new cool version (Zelda, Mario) will be out. i'd be patient because in hindsight i wish i would of waited for the XL.
As of right now I would almost say unless you really want one and saved up just to get one then stick with your older 3DS. There are some nicer things about the New 3DS but from what I noticed not as much difference as your would have hoped.
Honestly, I never upgraded to the 3ds period. Just got a 2ds and not because of the money, but because there are too many games for the DSi that me and my son still play frequently/intend to play. I am holding out for whatever is next anyways =^.^=
Well with release of a New 3DS I doubt they are going to have a different kind of handheld for sometime. Also doesn't 2ds and DSi games play on 3DS? I could be wrong there.

-Nice big screen just makes gaming feel like strainous on the eyes
-Button placement is a lot better. My old 3ds the start, home, and select all one 1 touchpad which annoying and now all separate buttons.
-Power button moved to bottom and gaming slot. I found this weird at first and to some will be a con but I think just fits nicely.
-3D feature seems smoother

-3D feature is smoother but still a lot of strain on the eyes and if you move to far away almost pointless to keep on. Tend to have 3D feature off.
-Stylus! I liked the old 3DS stylus mainly cause it extended which didn't really need since screen was small, but New 3ds has bigger screen but not extension. So causes my hand to touch bottom screen at times when trying to draw the maps in Persona Q.
-Back button are pointless right now. They added 2 shoulder buttons (maybe Majora's Mask uses them) I haven't seen a need for them yet

To me right now as I said unless you really want it then not a need for any gamer really. Until they start making games that takes account of its power and added features it is just basically a 3DS XXL it seems.
good show and thanks. i also read in Gameinformer the pixels are worse quality than an iPhone 1. They were pretty fussy about the new 3ds, so that means ill probably love it.

the shoulder buttons are supposedly only supported by Smash Bros., for now
@Christina you are definitely right. I did just look into since you mentioned it, but honestly I blame the Toys R Us guy. I specifically asked that dude if the 3ds is backwards compatible. His answer: "No. It is for 3ds games only. That is why they put out the 2ds, because it plays both."

What a moron! I would much rather have a handheld that I can close to protect the screens and buttons. But I will have to count it as a loss. I purchased the 2ds over a year ago. Kind of my own fault too. Should never trust sales associates when it comes to electronics.

But now that I do know, an upgrade is in order :D