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Dec 23, 2013
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This weekend we went to our local Michael's, the arts and crafts store and i got to looking at posters, just in case there was a Mario/Zelda i may have needed. Well there was a Mario with all manner of characters and their names. Under Toadette, it has her name as KinoPico. I would love to know the story behind this. Is it mistranslated? What language is that? Very interesting to me.

I'd like to say i bought the poster for educational purposes, but we all know better, right?
And here I wasn't even aware that there was a Toadette!

This begs the question: Are Toad and the other Mushroom Kingdom's citizenry anthropomorphized fungi? If so, would there really be different genders? (I suppose that their royals clearly span both genders, with kings and princesses alike--but I've never heard of Toadette, the female complement to Toad, until today.) If some of these fungus-based lifeforms appear male and others appear female, is this just a cosmetic difference in appearance? Do both emit spores later in life, or did they evolve past that and now swap genes in the mammalian fashion? (In the former case, how does Mario the human plumber's relationship with Peach work?)

And what of Goombas, the franchises other anthropomorphized fungi? Are they less evolved cousins? I.e. Neanderthals to their Homo Sapiens?

Is the consumption of power and 1-up mushrooms frowned upon within these societies, the Mario Bros usage of them aside? (As we would frown upon eating primates?)

It all raises too many questions! Perhaps it's better just to have faith and "trust the fungus?" ;)
Could it be said that there is a fungus among us?
see: Super Mario Bros. The Movie. but it sounds like you watched a few times already. Funny you mention all that, yesterday my daughter asked me "How do you think Daisy hatched from an egg? You know Daddy, on the Mario movie."

Toadette drives a mean small kart, and plays very accurate, albeit, low powered golf. I haven't seen it for myself yet, but i hear she's a treasure tracker as well now
In the Mushroom Kingdom, they say you can only tell a Toad from a Toadette when the moon is full and the dandelion wine is flowing....
see: Super Mario Bros. The Movie. but it sounds like you watched a few times already.

The Super Mario Bros movie is so drastically different from the games' source material that I honestly don't think that one can draw any conclusions about the games from it. (To use a comic book analogy, it's like an Elseworlds tale or an alternate universe meant to be quite different and independent of the main continuity.) For one, the Goombas are inexplicably dinosaur men with tiny heads rather than mushrooms gone bad!

I can can enjoy the Super Mario Bros unto itself, mainly for its humour, its vaguely cyber-punkish aesthetic, and for Dennis Hopper's over-the-top acting especially--but as an adaptation it's frankly an abject failure. (Although, to be fair: a completely true to form adaptation would have quite improbable in late nineties Hollywood!)
If Dennis Hopper were playing that version of Koopa in an otherwise great, faithful adaptation of the Super Mario Bros franchise: I might begrudgingly agree. However, in the the Super Mario Bros film we did get in the nineties, with its literally pea-brain dino-Goombas and an aesthetic more reminiscent of Max Headroom and Johnny Mnemonic than the Super Mario Bros games: Dennis Hopper's over the top Frank Booth meets Gordon Gekko Koopa is the most entertaining aspect of the film! (Among other things, it seems as if Dennis Hopper were the only actor having fun whilst making the film!)

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