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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
ok, I'm making this thread basically so someone can tell me, just what is the deal?

the game looks really cool and funny, coming from a big Animal Crossing fan. So to anyone who has it, what is it about the game that is fun? It looks awesome, i just don't know why.

A fellow at Gamestop said they are flying off the shelves, of course he doesn't play Nintendo so he couldn't tell me...
I don't really get it. It looks like the sims to me but maybe I just need someone to explain it to me..
My sister-in-law bought it, and she has fun playing it but I've got to be honest, I don't really get it. There's a lot of random things you can do. You can make little characters, and interact with them. Until I really sit down and play it, I don't know if I'll ever figure it out. I've watched Let's Plays and they still make no sense.
The game itself is a very simple concept- it's a dumbed down version of Sims, so I get why people would find it less than appealing. It's repetitive, odd, and there's a very limited amount of actions you can do with the miis. Even so, why do I have over 200 hours logged on it?
I find it pretty addicting because of it's repetitive nature. I have most of my irl friends as miis along side some fictional game and/or anime characters. It's just entertaining to see how they interact with one another, what they like and dislike, and whether or not they match the person they were modeled after. It's also funny when one of your friends decides to marry SpongeBob and their kids look horrendous.
The game itself, though it runs in real-time, is really low maintenance. You can aspire to be the best of the best, but nothing bad happens if you decide to leave it for 50 years. Sure it doesn't require any skill, but neither do most other nintendo games(shots fired) it's a great way to relieve some boredom. I thoroughly enjoy playing Tomodachi Life, but I can see why some people wouldn't like the simplicity of it all.
my daughter has been playing this near nonstop for the weekend, and it is quite hilarious. She is currently married to Curley (yes i made the 3 stooges in my miis), and i watched Shaq and Christina Aguilara go on a date. She had my wife and I (miis) sing a duet about love, with dance numbers included. It's just something fun and entertaining to do.

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