Too much hand-holding in Zelda games now?


Nov 29, 2013
I'm talking about Fi from Skyward Sword. She is constantly stopping the player to make sure the objective is clear, even if it's very obvious. This became annoying quickly and it took some of satisfaction away from the game. The earlier Zelda games (Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask) allowed the player to have more freedom when figuring out objectives. Does anyone else have a problem with the excessive hand-holding in Skyward Sword?
Not really. I just backhand Fi to make her shut up. lol
Yes and no. How many times on previous Zelda's did you get to the Boss Room only to realize you never received the key? I think it's the same concept in it's just a heads up for newer people that hey, you're missing a key component that you will need to advance. You have to keep in mind that every gaming company is trying harder and harder to cater to a new crowd of people. Us older people grew up with the original Zelda and A Link To The Past, where you got absolutely no hints and you learned as you went. The newer generation likely didn't have exposure to the older games and are new to Zelda, so I think it's a helping hand to aid them on the journey as it can become a lot to take in initially because their are always small things that are easily overlooked

That being said, Navi from Ocarina of Time was the correct way to do it. You got a hint and you could look at it anytime you wanted, it wasn't forced on you
This concept is really a two-edged sword. Sometimes I would prefer to figure things out on my own, but other times, it gets really frustrating to wonder in the same area and do the same thing over and over. A good comprimise, would be to have an option to include a "helper". The game could allow the player to activate the helper at his/her discretion.
The Older Zelda games had a huge problem and not saying anything at all to the players other then "go get these things.. i guess". From there it was up to you to figure out the order and which way to go and what not. Your basic objective need to be clear and that's all. Any more then that is hand holding.
Yeah, that tended to happen a lot on the older games-not just Zelda. Basically, you had to figure out where to go and what to do. These games took place before the internet too, so there was no where to find help!
There are "helpers" in Link Between Worlds, but they are extremely useless. Also gives you hints about everything except the parts where you actually NEED hints.
Yes and no. I didn't think Skyward Sword was all that bad when it came to hand holding. But when it came to A Link Between Worlds my god it felt like the tutorial pop ups were never going to end. It really got on my nerves. I just wanted the game to let me get up and go like it used to. I think you are right, OP, Navi was a good way to go about it, you didn't have to look at the hints, but the option was there at least. Even if I will be hearing "Hey! Listen" til the day I die!
My personal feeling about hints and helping is that I would rather it be there then to end up totally frustrated - and I say that as someone who has screwed themselves over in open world games because I will complete everything avabile without bothering with the missions. That said I don't have any real problem with the way things are, because I'd rather companies not pander to the so-called "hardcore" gamer... those guys aren't any fun and I don't need them screwing over my games man.
Even without the hint factor we are all privy to the internet. With all the walk-throughs and hints and whatever other things you didn't know about whatever game that exist, I think everyone we would all be just fine without an in game helper monkey. Regardless of what game.

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