Top 10 hardest Super Mario Maker levels by clear rate


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Apr 4, 2016
Ok, so to be able to qualify for this ranking, the level must have at least 1 clear. There are tens of thousands of other levels with flat 0% clear rate, we can't appropriately rank them, so we have to make a suitable criteria. If you're curious as to how I've managed to get this list, see this link, you can see the hardest levels there, give or take a few pages.

10.) 10秒マリオ アイテムなぞ…使ってんじゃ…ねぇぇえええーーー!!- 0.0036499% clear rate (1 in 27,938 attempts)
9.) Momentum Mori - 0.0032900% clear rate (1 in 30,395 attempts)
8.) Pit of Panga: Cape Escape - 0.0031712% clear rate (1 in 31,534 attempts)
7.) メニークルシミマス- 0.0030388% clear rate (1 in 32,907 attempts)
6.) Pit of Panga: U-Break - 0.0030023% clear rate (1 in 33,301 attempts)
5.) Serious challenge ~Death of POW~ - 0.0026710% clear rate (1 in 37,439 attempts)
4.) Swim: The Musical - 0.0025957% clear rate (1 in 38,524 attempts)
3.) Extreme Sadistic Torture World - 0.0021292% clear rate (1 in 46,965 attempts)
2.) Tricky Mario: Val's Shellspace - 0.0019984% clear rate (1 in 50,039 attempts)
1.) Trick Cover: Renasu Memory Trial - 0.0019854% clear rate (1 in 50,366 attempts)

A few months ago, Pit of Panga: Cape Escape held the number 1 spot, with only 1 clear in almost a hundred thousand attempts. Now, the top two places are new levels created just last month. The creators are well known Japanese Kaizo players and streamers. The first clear of both levels came from a Japanese player named 'Mario'. What a fitting name.
Now, read this, the level in first place actually is a combination of the hardest sections of other popular Kaizo levels. It has a section from the hardest parts of Pit of Panga: U-Break, the number 6 spot, and Tricky Mario: Val's Shellspace, the number 2 spot, and from other extremely hard levels. It deserves the first place in my opinion.

Meanwhile, the number 6 spot, Pit of Panga: U-Break, will definitely stay on this list. It has been played over 1 million times (also with most number of plays on this list), proving itself to be really difficult.

Overall, this top 10 ranking will change over time, depending on how the players perform.

Hope this helps!
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I could never make that very hard of a level because you actually have to beat it to upload it. Haha.
Yeah, me too. I can though, but I have to grind for many many hours. It's just impractical to do so. I don't have the skills to do it fast enough. It's pretty fun nonetheless. I plan to make a Kaizo level myself if I get the time :)

Note: The rankings still doesn't change today, the top 10 places remain exactly as before. It can be erratic, because if someone clears Trick Cover: Renasu Memory Trial in less than ten thousand tries, it gets removed out of the top 10. Tricky Mario: Val's Shellspace and Pit of Panga: U Break are the only levels here to stay indefinitely. They are ridiculously difficult.
If you have a nico nico douga account you might want to check out a gameplay of the hardest level here.
Holy damn level :eek:
Gotta love the reaction. Renasu is known for having crazy reactions like screaming "YATTA" (I did it) everytime he finished a hard level.
I'm completely addicted to his videos, I kind of feel very accomplished when he manages to finish the levels :LOL:
What about this one? Not exactly hard like the others posted, but the low amount of time makes it really stressful :eek:
That first jump! :eek:
Take a look at this one if you've had enough of those Kaizo long jumps!

I'm completely addicted to his videos, I kind of feel very accomplished when he manages to finish the levels :LOL:

Yeah, me too. Try out Panga's videos. He's the most famous of them all. Probably the greatest as well! :)
Thanks for the recommendations! I saw that one you posted and omg his happiness at the end :shame:
I'll check some more!
Update: After 10 days, the rankings still hasn't changed! Although Tricky Mario: Val's Shellspace now has 5 clears! Unbelievable. However, the number 1 level, Trick Cover: Renasu Memory Trial still has only 1 clear - Mario.

I just want to mention that Pit of Panga: P-Break started all of this craziness. About 6 months ago, the hardest levels were "mild" compared to levels today. Kudos to PangaeaPanga, creator of Pit of Panga: P-Break and Pit of Panga: U-Break (#6) for revolutionizing Kaizo levels.
Depends, but I mostly create puzzle levels. 0.8% - 3%. I don't really know why the clear rate is so low. But I have an automatic level, which has 33% clear rate. (Well, the account is not really mine, more like shared - I make levels with a friend. I use a different account to play. lol)

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