Top 10 Worst Mario games

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, we are here to talk about Mario games. Even though Mario excelled in many games, there were some times where he just tripped on the branches. Sometimes it is Mario's fault, but mostly it is another company's fault like the Philips. Let's talk about the worst Mario games.

10. Paper Mario Sticker Star
In this game, it is an RPG that is very underwhelming. This new game of Paper Mario series, an RPG series known for great story and variety of fun and lovable characters, does not have those two traits that made it great. The story is completely pointless and there are no friends to assist you, except for that little tiara fairy who is kind of a bitch in my opinion. Also, you can't get exp by battling random enemies. But WHY?!? That is just like taking the jump component out of a mario game. (Oh, Captain Toad.... But that still is a good game since it is designed around treasure hunting!) The game suffers from a difficulty spike since the generic and forgettable bosses are really hard.

9. Mario Bros for the Atari 2600
I mean, Mario bros was a pretty fun arcade game, but on the Atari? NO THANK YOU. I mean, the graphics have been downgraded since the Atari can't hold them and the sprites keep blinking and the noises just make me have a seizure everytime I play it.

8. Super Mario Pinball
This is a poor excuse for a mario game as the pinball design is badly implemented. Did I mention you can finish this in under 40 minutes? Sigh, it is just like Sonic R

7. Mario's Early Years

I am not going to blame Mario teaches Typing because that game was clearly designed for children to learn. But in this game, it is more monotonous and the gameplay is tedious.

6. Mario is Missing!

This is a game where you play as Luigi but you have to.... go to different parts of the world to find him? I know this is an educational game, but it comes off with very hard to answer questions.

5. Picross on the Gameboy
Reason why it is bad: Small screen makes it very hard to see. nuff said

4. Mario's Fundamentals
Although this is a kid's game, I don't like it at all. It is because Mario is a cheater whenever I play against him in Go fish and backgammon.

3. Mario's Time Machine
Although this would have been a cool concept for a game, it was wasted onto another f##king edutainment game!

2. Mario Party 10
I hate to say this, but Mario Party is starting to die off. In this game, it became more luck-based, repetitive and oh, don't get me started on the f##king amiibo party. Even though this is luck based, you win easily, which makes the loser feel even more ashamed.

1. Hotel Mario
Hey guys, Princess Peach has been kidnapped! You have to get her back by....... going into hotels and shutting the doors?
(Jack throws his Philips CDi out the window)
Yeah, you know, screw platforming, party games, kart racing, because Hotels are a better game concept than those........ What the hell am I even saying?
Not only does the gameplay feel boring, but the controls are so unresponsive and Mario is prone to getting killed. Oh, now let's talk about the F##KING CUTSCENES! They just look awful, that is one of the things wrong with the Cdi, like Link the Faces of Evil. And the voice acting:

[Mario]: You know what they say, all toasters toast toast!
[Jack]: (Facepalms) It is all toasters toast bread, not toast. Why the hell would anyone stick toast again in a toaster?

Hey, thanks for reading this countdown and leave a like if you want more.
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Gotta disagree with Super Mario Bros 2 just for the sheer amount of things that it influenced and inspired afterwards. Heck, its the first instance of Princess Peach being playable. That's a big step in gaming period. Plus, the game was tons of fun and very challenging. Everything else I can agree with.
I know, I said it doesnt affect the quality of the gameplay and it did inspire new gimmicks for the Mario Series but.. Why would America just rip off a title from another game? It just felt dissapointing, but it was a good game hands down.
I guess it just goes to show you how many bad Mario games there are if you have to put SMB2 on the list lol.
Hotel Mario is a joke, in my opinion! But I also don't agree with Super Mario Bros 2 being in the list, I actually found it pretty enjoyable (maybe I have a weird taste? :p)
Yeah, I wouldn't have agreed with Super Mario Bros. 2 either. But it's gone now, so my internet rage has cooled. As for my list, in no particular order:
  • Hotel Mario. Ugh. No.
  • Mario Is Missing. Ugh no.
  • Mario's Time Machine. Same reason I didn't like Mario Is Missing, really.
  • The actual Super Mario Bros. 2, aka The Lost Levels. It was too difficult to be really enjoyable.
  • Mario's Picross. Don't like Picross period, so...
  • Yoshi's Story. Mario isn't in it, granted, but I didn't like this one primarily because it was such a letdown compared to the amazing experience of Yoshi's Island.
  • Mario Paint. I know other people loved this game. I didn't. Never appealed to me.
  • The Mario Party games. I don't hate them, I just... don't like them. There's too much luck involved at times. Same issue I have with a lot of board games.
  • Yoshi's Safari. Had trouble getting the Super Scope to work properly.
  • Mario Golf. As exciting as regular golf! Meh.
The only main series Mario games I don't enjoy are The Lost Levels and Yoshi's Island. I don't dislike them but I'm not huge into the Paper Mario or Mario Golf games.
Your description for the Atari 2600 port of the Mario Bros arcade game sounds not unlike their infamous Pac-Man port, which is often cited along with the E.T. game as being that system's biggest disappointments and the harbingers of the great home console market crash of the early eighties! *shudder*

Between that, the Phillips CD-i's Hotel Mario, and bad Mario PC games: be wary of anytime the plucky plumber shows up in a game that isn't actually for a Nintendo console!
I hate to be "that guy", but I disagree with Mario Party 10. The ability to play mean ol' Bowser is a step forward.
I can't say that Mario Party 10 was a bad game but the whole collective season isn't good at all. I got burned out early on after Mario Party 3, but I kept playing just for the hell of it. Sometimes, you get nice surprises but otherwise, you get the same thing over and over again.
I liked 7, 8 was decent, but 9 and 10 have that stupid cart system. I understand Nintendo thinking that the cart mechanic levels the gaming field, but Mario Party is a competitive game and I immensely enjoyed the sheer hatred my sisters held for Daisy.
I wasn't a huge fan of Mario Party 10 but I also didn't hate it. I didn't play 9 but I assume it's mostly the same. I agree completely the cart system is horrible and needs to go.
I loved the picross game for gameboy!
I have never liked the Mario Party games. I know that I am in the minority on this one when it comes to the opinions of the people that I know, because they all love the game, but I just cannot do it. Something about the concept or the idea of it is just off-putting to me, and I cannot sit through an entire. I just consider this a swing and a miss when it comes to Mario adaptations.
In all honesty, there aren't really that many bad mario games out there. I even like Mario Pinball Land despite its saving issues and its frustrating objectives.

But in list with no order.....
1. Sticker Star: Hey, to those who love the game, good for you but me? Sorry but no. I mean there's nothing wrong with its lack of story....its just that everything about the game feels pointless and gets frustrating really fast.

2. Mario VS Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem: The reason this is on the list is because it lacks in anything unique and doesn't offer much of variety. Its solid for what it is but it suffers in terms of uniqueness to me atleast....

.....and for me, it stops right there.....Like I said earlier, I've played every possible Mario game out there and besides these two (which are just spin offs btw), there's not that many of them that are bad.

I could put New Super Mario Bros 2 there but if you remove its coin mechanic, its pretty solid.
Well I am sure that there are some that are worse than the ones that I will mention, but I would just that I was able to avoid those. This one, though, fooled me. I thought that the Mario Party games were going to be really fun, but I ended up hating them. I know some people liked them, so it is nothing universal, but personally those were some of the worst. I also remember Mario Paint...I bet that is up there for some people.
Mario is Missing
Any of those early 90s Mario Educational games on PC
Hotel Mario
New Super Mario bros series. Bland level design and controls feel like every level is an ice level. Plus the music,I just hate it. No real art direction.
I live and breathe for the Mario Party series. I know the "a lot of luck is involved" argument, but you can try to manage it by winning the mini-games. Also, you have to see the function of the game. This isn't the usual one-player game play which you might enjoy on your own, it is meant to be used with many players, creating variables that make the game more exciting for all parties involved.

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