Top 10 worst Sonic Games

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Jan 23, 2016
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Hey guys, lets look at a list of the top 10 worst Sonic Games.

10. Sonic 06

I know many people are asking why I am putting it so low on this list, Sonic 06 may be glitchy and unfinished, but there are actually some positive aspects of it like the graphics, music, and it easily has one of the best level designs in any Sonic game. I know that is a very bold claim, but I will stand by it, you have multiple ways to get to the goal, adding fun to it. It is actually a less than decent game to me in my opinion

9. Sonic Blast

This is quite an obscure title since this was on the sega game gear, but what makes this game bad is that the characters move so slowly and the camera is so squished in on the characters! You have to constantly make leaps of faith when you are jumping on the platforms since the characters take a large fraction of the screen. Plus, there are only about 5 levels, so you might as well consider yourself lucky.

8. Sonic Rivals 2

This game is just a pure definition of boredom. The stages don't change up that much and the music is easily forgettable since it is just cheesy rock. Plus this game is extremely short.

7. Sonic 3d Blast

YAY! This is Sonic's first step into 3d! Wait a minute, this is isometric.... Why box art!? Why did you lie to me!? The gameplay here is so sluggish since Sonic runs nowhere near as fast as the 2d games and the pace of this game is so slow since this is a collectathon to get to other sections of the level. For the platforming, it is atrocious since this is an isometric game, it really is hard to see where you land.

6. Sonic R

Sonic's take on Mario Kart, but this game is so short and it has no replayability. The turning is extremely slow and the match up stats are horrendous. Super Sonic is the most broken character and good luck even trying to get close to him.

5. Sonic Labyrinth

Surprise! It's Sonic 3d Blast on the game gear except it is slower than ever! Why make a character that is meant to be fast go slow? WHAT DO I NOT UNDERSTAND HERE SONIC TEAM?!

4. Shadow the Hedgehog

This game is a failed attempt of being more mature as it comes off to be completely ridiculous. The controls are slippery, added with forced replay makes the whole experience mundane.

3. Sonic and the Secret Rings

Going forward constantly is a nightmare since you cannot stop. Wanna get past a spiked wall? Good luck with that. Of course this game would end up bad since this is heavily reliant on the motion controls.

2. Sonic Boom Rise of Lyric

A new era of Sonic was horribly introduced with our favorite blue arms! And red steroids! And Glitches! The main problem with this game is that so many things are clustered up like one section is a button mashing fighting section, one is a slow platformer, one is runner with dying framerate, and one is just not so puzzling puzzle genre. It is a pure sloppy mess by Bob Rafei.

1. Sonic Free Riders

This game is pure cancer, do not play. The controls are just so broken and you are prone to bumping into walls. And when you jump off a ramp, you have to pretend you are still in the air,
HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO THAT?! Compared to other games, this is the most unplayable and worst sonic game of all time

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Replace Sonic 3D Blast with Sonic and the Black Knight, and you've got a list.

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