Totaka's Song: The Hunt is On!


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Mar 25, 2014
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Totaka’s song: The Hunt is on!

Hi There, I recently joined the forum in an effort to help find Totaka's Song in a number of games. So far, there are a total of 5, maybe 6 games that the song has not been found in. Before you post, be sure you know what Totaka's song is. If you don't, I have added a few links for you to follow in order to learn more about this easter egg.

Kazumi Totaka B. 1967-8-23

Wikipedia Page:

Totaka’s Song: Part 1

Totaka’s Song: Part 2

Totaka’s Song: Part 3


Totaka's song "found" in Wii Sports:

Here are some theories of where the song can be in a few games. Unfortunately for me, my Wii is broken, and I haven’t gotten the funds or the time to repair it. Again, these are just theories.

Wii Sports:

1.Click the “O” in Wii sports at the title screen when it tells you to press a and b to begin.

2. Rumour has it that while playing “power throws” you can hear totaka’s song play in the background if you do nothing for around 2 minutes.

3.Score a triple in baseball with a mii names “totakeke”. You may hear the song,

Wii Music?

Since Kazumi Totaka plays the vibraphone in his band, A Slice of Life, it is possible that you can hear it if you play the vibraphone the wrong way during a song. (Maybe with a mii named totakeke?) There are so many opportunities for this game..


Anyone understand Spanish? :3

It is said that if you play the game on a Saturday at 20:00 (8:00 PM) There is a small chance that KK Slider will play the song if you are on the Animal Crossing Smashville.

In Super Smash Bros Brawl, playing the Animal Crossing battlefield "SmashVille" on a Saturday will make K.K Slider to play some of his musics. Rarely, Totaka's song is played during the battle but there's a chance that K.K will play the song inbetween the battle that it can barely be heard due to the fighting effects.

It would be great if someone would post a video of one doing this, so it can be proven once and for all!

Thank You for helping! :D
I fully support this quest! サイトへようこそ! :goal:
I make no promises about video taping anything... but I own a Wii and I have Wii Sports... I'm going to make an attempt. Yes. Unless you already have everything you need.