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Sep 8, 2014
Who here uses websites to track how many hours/achievements/etc. they have on their games? And what sites do you use? Post links to your profiles here!

I don't actively enter my information in these websites, but with desktop apps like Raptr, my PC gaming is tracked on its own. It also gives me points, which I rarely use but it's still nice to have some form of exclusive income, I guess.
I also use to use Backloggery, but I stopped when I got Steam because I didn't feel it was necessary. It also didn't tell me my hours, so it was basically just to see how many games I didn't finish(a lot).

There are also in-bound tracking, where the console you're using tells you the hours itself, as with the 3DS and, more primitively, the Wii. I'm not too sure about Sony and Microsoft consoles, but I know they give you hours and achievements too.
Here's my Raptr account:

Are there any other sites that you guys use?
I wish every game would have an option to track all stats. It's really cool seeing how much time you've spent on a game, and what you've achieved.

I like that about Steam, 'cos I'll always know I've spent over 100 hours playing certain games :)
I haven't spent over 100 hours playing any games on steam yet haha. Steam made me realize how short my attention span is. I like the statistics because it tells me what I'm really interested in and my gaming patterns so I could adjust them to my liking.
I don't really keep track cause there's some game that does it for you on how long you play it doesn't really bother me at all so yea. I like to just have fun and play my game at peace no need to add extra stuff to my list since I have a lot to do already.
Well yeah, that's what I was saying about Steam. It does it for you and you can play your game in peace. After you've done so, you can see how long you've spent on it.
It's not that it's a bother, it's just interesting to look at for those that want to know what they're actually doing.
Achievements are another matter. I think achievement hunters take the fun out of playing a game because you're so focused on collecting achievements that people don't appreciate the game for what it really is.

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