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Jun 22, 2015
I have a New Nintendo 3DS XL and have been enjoying it for a while. Recently, I realized that I NEED to participate in Pokemon 20, and I have a copy of Pokemon X on a 2DS that doesn't charge. I found out how to get it to work, but found out that I have to remove the NNID from the New 3DS via Format System Memory. I found this disturbing, and the Nintendo site was kind of vague, so I was wondering what will happen to my data. Will the games, DLC, and themes of the New DS be deleted? What happens to the new NNID? Pls help.
Formatting System Memory won't unlink the NNID from the console, unless you choose to delete the NNID at the same time. After doing that, you will permanently lose everything not on a game cartridge.

It is possible to transfer your ID from the 2DS to the 3DS, doing so will bring your old NNID and games to the new console, and you can redownload the games that were previously on the console. You would lose saves though.
Only games on the system you are transferring to. So the Pokemon X save on your 2DS will be kept, but all progress on games already on your 3DS will be lost.
NOW for the tricky stuff. What about tranfering between SD cards via a computer? Is it possible to just take a game from the source system and paste it into the target card? Will transfer result in the data from both cards merging? Or will the NNID mess eveything up?
Update: I've found some more stuff on reddit and the like that has brought me to the conclusion that I won't be able to complete my transfer successfully. As it turns out, even the PC method ends with a standard System Transfer. I guess I forgot to mention that my 2DS's touch screen doesn't work, so I can't even navigate the System Settings. So, I won't be able to transfer my Pokemon X and other games.
1. Am I correct?
2. Should I contact Customer Service?
3. Any other suggestions?
Customer service is your best bet. I didn't even realize that you can't navigate settings without a touchscreen. It's a little stupid, as the rest of the interface can be navigated using the joystick and buttons - and a secondary means of input would be helpful in cases such as yours.

I don't think there really is much other option. maybe you can repair the touchscreen, but I think that might be difficult - and might cause Nintendo to not accept transferring content from it.

I believe you can contact Nintendo, explain the problem, and they should treat it as a lost/broken console. They have the means of transferring your eshop balance and PokeX purchase to the new console - and it might allow you to keep the saves from all the games currently on your console.

Call Nintendo, explain the situation as best as you can, and ask what your options are.
Thank you so very much for your help, grahamf. The whole situation is much less stressful and terrible now that everything is so much more clear....
I'll definitely be contacting Nintendo at some point to see what they can do.
Again, I appreciate the help. Thank you.
Unless you also select to erase the NNID, formatting system memory will not unlink the NNID from the console. You will then lose everything that isn't on a game cartridge forever.

You can redownload the games that were previously on the system by transferring JT WhatsApp your ID from the 2DS to the 3DS. This will transfer your old NNID and games to the new console. However, you would forfeit saves.

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