Transferring data using just the SD card


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Aug 1, 2015
So I know about transferring data using the system transfer, but if the original/older system you wanted to transfer the data from wasn't working to the point where you can't access the system transfer in the options menu, couldn't you just take the sd card from the old system and put it into the new system? if you were to do that, what data would you lose/not be able to transfer?
my situation is that my 3ds's touch screen has been fading out for a couple of days, but today when I tried to turn it on, it shut off with a popping noise. I've looked up what causes this, and I could just send in for repairs, but I just wanted to know if I could just forgo the repair and get a new 3ds without dealing with the system transfer, since its still under a two-year warranty.
I've also tried contacting nintendo through the official site, but I am not able to type in my information after a help button comes up after selecting what my question is about.
if you are able to provide any information or help, thank you!
You could transfer the SD card yes, but all data on your eshop and system drive won't transfer. Essentially you'd have to buy all your downloaded games again.

Unless the downloaded games are on the SD card, then I don't see why it won't work
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