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Sep 25, 2013
Wii U


Release Date: "Late" 2013

Developer / Publisher: Renegade Kid

Platforms: 3DS eShop Exclusive (currently)


Renegade Kid says that it will be a 3DS title, for now. However, if it sells well, then they would like to port it over to the Wii U, and then, later, the PS Vita, as well. However, those ports are all dependent on how well the game sells on the 3DS. So, for now, it's a 3DS-only game. Tho it may, or many not, stay a 3DS-only game for long.


Here are some details on the game..
  • At least 8 unique characters, of which some need to be unlocked.
  • Two tiers to the character selection process; Tier 1: only cosmetic; no effect on gameplay, and tier 2: weapon type; choose from sword, firearm, and bomb.
  • Weapons have different strengths and weaknesses over other weapons
  • Sometimes you may not be able to advance past the first screen of the new level since a pathway is out of your reach or is blocked by an obstacle that can’t be tackled at that time.
  • New ability power-ups or a second teammate may come into play in these situations, for example: stand on a friends’ head to reach a high platform.
  • Each player can be equipped with a different weapon type.
  • Some areas have dual pressure pads that must be triggered together, leading to a special door with a lot of treasure, a completely separate secret pathway, etc.
  • Don’t have to stay together with your friend in the level, plus can send a special voodoo summon to your teammate, allowing them to warp to you instantly.
  • Bosses included – defeat them to earn power-up abilities such as the Double Jump ability.
  • If hit by an enemy, some of your treasure will be lost.
Looks pretty solid, probably more oriented at kids. Treasures are spilled in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog. :) The gameplay reminds me of the Game Boy Advance-era platformers.

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