Trollers online - Do you participate in the trolling?


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Jul 30, 2016
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I have been online several times with the most funniest trollers, and the most annoying ones. I always talk back to them because it makes the game more fun, but lots of people get pissed and just want them to stop which results in them muting their mics.

I can see why some don't like them, but hey why not. There is this one guy named Jerome, and he is supposed to be a gay thug. He used to be online messing around with guys about hooking up, and he would get so mad when they denied him, and he started saying super gay things to them. This dude was super funny.

I later found out that he had a youtube channel. You should check him out. Some trollers really just make online a fun experience. I find them all to be entertaining, I like messing with them.
I used to be quite the annoying internet troll. I found a lot of disturbing things humorous and forgot about there being real people on the other end of the computer. I would say things that I would never say to someone face to face. Every once in a while I will see a facebook post come up on my time hop and it makes me cringe. I used to say some pretty terrible things, simply for the attention.

I don't troll around anymore. I don't see a point. The only reason people troll is to get a rise out of others. Sometimes, it's undoubtedly funny, but there are other times where it's just obnoxious. I've experienced people trolling on dota- I end up muting them because it's excessive and ruins the game.
When it comes to trolling I personally think that it is fun to do, by saying this, I do not mean that I am one of those people that are always trolling in matches and that sort of thing, but it really is a fun thing when you do it with your friends just to have a good time and laugh a little bit, it's not so bad to be happy so, yes, trolling is not as bad as people make it look like.
Well I would like to think that I avoid trolling at all times, but when I read things like @Casiox and what he said above, I start to think that maybe I am doing things that some might consider trolling, without even really knowing. I think it is one of those terms that I just never bothered to understand everything about it, but oh well. I will still try to avoid it as much as I can. Thanks for sharing.
@rz3300 I really feel you, I used to think the same back in the days when the "Trolling" term was kinda out of my vocabulary, however, you can always try to have fun on a different way, you do not always have to follor the rules, these were made to be broken.
Trolling is a term that is so open for interpretation. People get called a troll just for disagreeing with another opinion. Sometimes someone just has a different belief than everyone else but get called a troll. Myself and others I have seen been called trolls when mental illness has bled into posts but typically nothing ill intent but maybe blunt/honest. Some just say what is on there mind and oblivious how to read people so were unaware what they said angered someone when it was not the intent/ It's such a over used term that it feels like every individual has a different definition.
@Segata That's adefinition I did not really know about, however, I think that's not related to what we're talking about here, it mostly is something different to that, but you're right anyway.

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