Trouble hitting moves in Just Dance 3


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Feb 17, 2015
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I enjoy playing my Just Dance games on a daily basis. I have not had problems with many of the games as far as achieving a 5 star rating on any song that I wish- which usually requires a bit of effort.

However, I have found a few songs to be "impossible" to hit Gold Star Moves and/or even achieve a 5 star rating:
-Boom by Raggaeton Storm
-Land of 1000 Dances by Wilson Pickett
-Dynamite by Taio Cruz
-Da Funk by Daft Punk

I have not upgraded to the motion plus Wii controllers, but I did not think it would make a difference, so long as my moves are accurate. I do not have problems With Just Dance 1+2, but I do here in Just Dance 3. I do have Just Dance 4, but I have not played it much, due to the fact that I am still trying for some medals on 3. Any suggestions or anyone else having similar issues?
I would definitely upgrade your controllers. Having updated software/hardware is ALWAYS your first priority. Patches and fixes are in those updates. Sadly games do not always come out perfect, in fact they rarely do. Those games may simply have issues that were fixed later in patches. Hope that helps :)
Sometimes it can be a battery issue if you're using the rechargeable ones. I noticed that when I took the rechargeable batteries out & replaced them with new AAs I could get higher accuracy in most of the dance games. However, the motion plus controller is practically built for these games AND shooter games.
@Amanda Jorgensen if what you are saying is right, I won't have much of a choice but to upgrade. I was trying to hold out for an upgrade to Wii-U, but those plans got cancelled when I realized Kingdom Hearts 3 is releasing on Playstation 4 and XBoxOne only. I would think that since I am having these problems out of Just Dance 3, every Just Dance game released afterward will require the Motion Plus Controllers as well. I will upgrade soon so I can continue game play. I haven't played all week because I have simply been burnt out on trying for those 5 stars.
Thanks for the advice!

@JoanMcWench Thank you as well! However, I do not have the rechargeable controllers. But that's not to say there isn't a connection with low batteries. Definitely gonna have to upgrade controllers and post about my findings. Wish me luck!
Just keep dancing your heart out. No but I think you should look into contacting Nintendo about this.
That probably would be smart. I used to have Motion Plus controllers, but when I sold my Mario Edition Wii and all games/accessories, I just haven't been very enthusiastic about replacing everything--especially when I am considering an upgrade.

But I may seriously take up your advice because I do feel that since the game itself doesn't advise for Motion Plus, I shouldn't have to have Motion Plus just to accomplish 5 stars and Gold Moves.
I have all my dance games for my Xbox and had the kinct, so I didn't have to worry about that. I'm sure that it's just the controllers that you had. I think that I've heard people talk about this before, and it's frustrating. That was one reason why I wanted to stay away from the Wii dance games. I didn't think that they would be as good as the Xbox ones. I know they are the same, but it's able to pick up your movements so much better.

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