Trying to get a refund for a TOTK digital copy purchase


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Oct 20, 2023
Hey everyone. I was wondering if you could give me a hand or if someone else had this problem.
In October 5th i tried to purchase a TOTK digital copy on my console eshop. I used a prepaid credit card, basically like a debit card but without the need of having a bank account. I entered all the data to make the purchase and when i procceded to do the pay i got the 2813-2470 error but i they charged me anyways so i dont have nor the money nor the product i paid for.
From the card issued i was told that even if frkn Nintendo contacted them to notify them that they wouldn't process the transaction, they cannot make a devolution bc the money its out of the account, its not like a credit card, so bc of the transaction being succesfull they cannot give me back my money.
And from Nintendo i was told that even if i have all the data and the transaction bill, they can't find the transaction, it's like they can't process it, idk what to do anymore and im losing my mind.
¿Does anyone had this problem? ¿Where you able to fix it?

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