Tv cuts off

Blaine masters

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Dec 7, 2020
Nintendo 64
Recently tried setting up a wii u I've never used before. Have input the game and attempted to boot it up and it says something like tv, or tv and gamepad on the tv screen. On the gamepad it says press x to launch gamepad only. Its not allowing me to select any of the options on the tv screen.

When I press x the screen goes black and it sends me back to the homescreen on my smart tv, but loads the game on the gamepad. I have tried using a different tv but have had no luck.

Anybody have any ideas?
@Blaine masters hmmm, that's a new one for me. Let me ask you this, is your smart tv connected to a home audio receiver of some kind? And are you using ARC for sound? I had to bring a tv back because it hated my sound receiver. Would make noises, cut off/on, all manner of silly things. Makes me wonder if the wii u doesn't like it either.

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