TV for gaming - Hang on a wall or use a TV stand?

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Oct 15, 2012
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I am about to purchase relatively big-screen LED TV, probably 55 or 60 inches, that I will use mainly for games and movies. The models I like the most are from the Samsung F8000 series. It's an expensive TV compared to other models, it's but incredibly thin, almost has no bezel, and most importantly weighs a mere 40 lbs (18 kg). So with a TV this light, I am tempted to hang in on a wall for a futuristic look instead of getting a TV stand that will take up extra space in the room and just look like the last century.

What do you guys think? Do wall-mounted TVs work for gaming? The main risk is that once you have mounted it, attaching extra cables will be difficult. So if you have a Wii U connected today and want to hook up a PS4 or Xbox One after the holidays, it will be a pain in the ass to take the TV down, etc. Also, I would have to hide all the cables so they are not all over the place hanging from the wall. I believe hardware stores sell special kits for hiding cables, but I've never installed one.

Also, what is the proper height for TVs when you're playing games. Eye level or above eye level? I think TVs look good when they are mounted slightly higher, but I'm wondering if your neck will start hurting if you look up continuously for a long time.
Just for the sake of having to get behind it to plug in and unplug things, I would vote against wall mounting it. However, there are ways to plug in an switch adapter, so that everything plugs into that, and you can switch between the consoles or whatever else, through that, and thus, only have that plugged into the tv. So there would be no need to get behind it again. So that's an option. If you do choose to wall mount it, I would go that way.

As for tv stands, that's an aesthetic choice, really. That's all personal preference. There are all kinds of tv stands. And I'm assuming you are referring to the ones with, essentially, the tall "pole" of sorts, that stand up behind the tv, and the tv mounts to that. Yeah, those are personal preferences. Personally, I've always avoided those. Tho, I do like that you can swivel those. So, say you're in the kitchen, or something, you can swivel the tv to face there, so you can see the tv better as you're cooking. Or things like that. So that's cool.

However, or me, I've always just preferred the tried and true bottom tv stand, or the "foot stand", as it were. The one that is apart of the tv, that you can just put it on an entertainment center. I've always been fine with that. Of course, the question then becomes, which entertainment center to do you get. And that's a different question all together.

Now, when it comes to high high should you have your tv set. Well, there are different theories on it. Some say always keep it at eye level, no matter what, and never have it higher than eye level. Some say to mount it higher, while others say mount it lower, as it's more comfortable to have it lower. However, there's another whole issue in the debate on whether to mount it high, low, or level. And that is, distance from the viewer. Something that some people don't, or forget, to take into account.

As it goes, some people say that certain sized tv's should be a specific distance away from the viewer, for optimal viewing. Basically, the smaller the tv, the closer you should be to it, while, the larger the tv, the farther you should be from it, in order to optimally enjoy the entire screen at the same time. And yes, some people take that very, very seriously.

However, to answer your question is tough, because everybody is different. I mean, I don't know the layout of your living room, or the distance between where your tv will be from your couch, as well as how tall you are, and whether you sit up straight or slouch a lot (sitting up you'd want your tv level or lower, while slouching you'd want it level or higher), and or other factors, such as your preference.

So, there's honestly no straight up magic answer for you. The best advice that I can give you is to just constantly adjust and adjust, until you most feel comfortable with it. The wall mounting vs tv stand vs foot stand, are all preference choices.

-----If you go with the wall mount, I suggest getting the switch adapter thing. Tho, cords could be an issue, but there are things to hide those. Also, you may or may not be able to swivel your tv, as they do make swivel mounts for wall mounted tvs. So, I'm guessing you'll end up going with this option. As for the height, you really, really want to adjust the height to your liking BEFORE you mount it, as you don't to keep putting holes in your wall to keep adjusting the height. So that's the biggest issue I see for you with this option.

-----If you choose the tv stand, those usually let you hide the cords within the pole that holds your tv. So you won't have the cords issue, and you'll be able to easily get behind that tv all you like. But it won't look as "new" as you'd like. However, some stands are permanent and some can swivel. But that, much like the wall mounted version, depends on which one you actually get. However, you can more easily adjust the height without worry or much of a hassle, and without messing up your wall.

-----Then, there's the "foot stand", which is what I always use. It's basic, but you don't have a gaudy pole running up to the tv. However, you can't swivel it, unless you get a turntable stand for it. Getting behind it relatively easy. However, adjusting the height is the biggest problem you'll encounter. Also, you have to make sure that your entertainment center can support it. If you have an entertainment center with a small tv space, and your tv is too big, that's a problem. If you have one of those "tabletop" like tv entertainment center, with a flat, open surface, and shelves underneath that, those are ideal for the bigger tvs. However, again, there's the height issue. But, the height issue is mostly for smaller tvs. For the larger tvs, it's usually fine, as it's big enough to not matter so much where exactly you put it. The only question then becomes, how far back do you need to sit from the tv to view it optimally.

And that's, again, the other issue you need to look at. How far back are you going to be sitting from the tv. You have to take that into account as well as the height of the tv itself.

Again, I don't have a magic answer for you. All 3 options have their pro's and con's. But again, it all depends on your preference, your room layout, your own person height, aesthetic choices, and the like. I apologize if this isn't "specific" enough for you. I tried. But again, there are just too many variables for me to give you an exact answer. It's best to make your aesthetic choice first, and then adjust your 'settings' afterwards. Like the height, and your distance, and all of that. Everything can work out, if you adjust it just right. You just have to do it, is all. But yeah, the aesthetic choice is first. Which look are you going for. Which do you like the look of the most. Start there, then adjust to that.

Tho, to be honest.. It sounds like you want the look of a wall mounted tv with the ease, and cord hiding abilities, of the tv-stand option. If that's what you really, really want, then I'd suggest going for the Wall mount option (as that's what it sounds like you want it to look like anyways), and then, get those cord hiding things, which is basically a tube, of sorts, to put all of your cords in. Make sure it's the same color as your wall, and there you go, it'll blend in with the wall, and the focus will be on your tv and not the cords hanging from it. Also, you can get the swtich adapter, if that helps you from having to get behind the tv to plug in, however, they to make swivel mounts for wall mounted tv, which make getting behind the tv a breeze. The biggest issue would be the height and distance from you. You'll have to figure that out first. I suggest having two friends help you. Have two hold up the tv on either side, while you sit on the couch, and have them adjust it up and down to your liking, as you move the couch back and forth. Once you have "optimized" your view to your liking, mark the spot where the tv is, mount it there, an voila, there you go you. That's my official suggestion. Just make sure that you are comfortable with the positioning of the tv first, before you mount it, as you don't want to have to keep remounting it over and over, before you get it right.

Hope that helps. Good luck.
Wow, thank you for the detailed reply. If I hang it on the wall, I am not going to use a bracket that allows changing angles, because that adds to the thickness. I will use as thin of a bracket as I can find, so the TV sits as flush against the wall as possible, almost looking like it's merged with the wall. With a TV unit that weighs only 40lbs, that look and feel is finally possible.

That's how I imagined back in the 80s TVs of the future would be -- become part of the wall. Now sci-fi is becoming reality. :)
You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it. Seems you're all set now, plan wise. Good luck setting it all up. Hope it turns out as well as you envision it.
I would like to buy a projector So I can aim the Projector to my ceiling and play games in bed. that would be cool.
I have a projector, but I aim it at a clear wall and play N64 games and watch movies that way :)
It's great to have a projector, especially when you play with friends, so everyone can see the whole screen area...

On topic: I would prefer mounting the TV on the wall. I know cables can be a problem there, but it will save you a lot of space, and it usually looks good (if you manage the cables nicely) :)
I'm 100% against the mounting...of a television in case there were questions!

My television is huge and on a stand now and I STILL hate screwing with the cords. Drives me insane. So, now I have bread bag clips organizing them accordingly while they're velcroed to the back of the television. The stand also makes for great and adorable storage so there's that as well.
I like mounting... :rolleyes:

But let's return to the real topic here :D
I guess it's personal preference. Sometimes I like to mount, and sometimes I like to put it on a stand... :rolleyes:
I have my TV on the wall and it works just fine. The one that we have in the living room at my house is too. We use that one to play games with like the dance games. I think the for the most part if you don't hang it up high then it won't matter and you won't have a hard time playing games. I mean if you sit really close to the TV then you might, but otherwise you should be fine.
It depends really on space and how your room is organized. Almost 80% of the time I'd argue a wall mount is better, if it's mounted securely/has a nice stand erected behind it for support. If not, keep it on a table. Also take into account how much you'll be jumping, moving around, or swinging a remote (or hands like KINECT) on the program/gaming console. If it suffers from being hung on a wall like floor vibrations might knock it off, then don't play WII or PARTY games haha!
I always like to leave space behind the tv for the various cables. As I know that I'll continue purchasing consoles in future, more cables will need to be connected to the television. If it was mounted, it would make the whole process a bit more cumbersome. It's also more difficult to hide the cables with a wall mounted tv, but there are a few workarounds that requires wall drilling. Keeping my tv on a stand is the smarter and cleaner option, in my opinion.

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