Twilight Princess best version: GameCube vs Wii


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Mar 20, 2013
Okay, so my favourite Nintendo games are the zelda ones and I still haven't completed Twilight princess!

The question is, which one? The GC Version or the Wii Version?

I have a Wii and can buy either one but, am not too sure which one is better/worse... Has anyone played both or know the differences?
I have played both, they're not so different from each other. Still, I'd recommend you play the Wii version. It is an excellently refreshed version of an impecable game. The commands on the wii make it a little easier and more comfortable to play it and some scenes and parts were improved in terms of graphics and display.
No contest. Nintendo has a design methodology where they create the core behaviors of their characters first. This ensures controlling the character is fun on the controller it was designed for and that there's a variety of activities you can easily accomplish on it's native controller. After this, THEN they build story and world design elements. It's all focused on the core gameplay mechanic (as well it should be)

Understanding this, Twilight Princess was designed for the Gamecube and Link's movements for the Gamecube controller. The GC version was vastly superior where it's important The controls. More so than graphics or story or characters, the control scheme is the first and most important element of any game. Play it on it's native console and take advantage of that.
It's a tossup. The Wii version is in widescreen, while the GCN one is 4:3. Like BTCGuru81 said, the controls are superior in the GameCube version, but most people are used to it since they went with the wiggle controls in Skyward Sword too.

You also get an extra item slot in one of the versions (can't remember which one).

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