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Apr 30, 2016
Who else was disappointed in the remake?

The graphics could have improved much better. All they did was change the textures.
ok ill bite, but not for the reason you may think. TP is in my top 3 fav games of my fav franchise. I love Zelda, have toys, t-shirts, tattoos, you name it. I do think the HD version could have been more, but it's still awesome. Here's the problem i noticed: the last 10 years i have been playing the SAME 4 Zeldas over and over. WW, TP, MM, OoT, all at least twice in some form or another. I've made a deal with myself: no more remakes will be bought with one exception, Super Mario Sunshine (if done). I guess I feel I kinda cheated myself. I could have spent that money on something i've never played before. Oh well, good times anyway.

I think it sounds fantastic, the cutscenes are beautiful but do look 10 years old anyway. hey we got a cool amiibo!
I haven't played it yet on Wii U, but giving me the choice of playing a much higher resolution, with higher resolution texture, game, over the original, is a good thing, in my opinion. That being said, I wish the game was $10-20 cheaper. Oh well though.
I never finished any of the remakes on the original consoles (In Windwaker I gave up trying to retrieve my sword as I kept getting caught by the searchlights).

The remakes were technically the first versions I played completely (though I haven't finished the Majora Mask or TP final bosses), and I think it might be the same for many people.
I'm playing Twilight Princess HD now and it looks fantastic. The texture artwork is great. You really can't go by low quality Youtube videos when judging the graphics quality of the game, it just doesn't work. You have to play on a big screen. The geometry could have been improved, but I've also seen Xbox One games that look almost as polygonal. I was a skeptic, now I can't be because I'm too busy wiping up my drool.

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