Twilight princess, without walkthrough


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Mar 10, 2016
Wii U
If I don't use a walk through in this game will I miss items, skills, etc. that cannot later be obtained.
Normally this is my main reason for walkthroughs as it sucks to have a weapon gone forever, but zelda isn't like that (at least last one I played.)
Should I use a heart piece walkthough, or the hidden skills?
I've played through it twice, and I'm about to start the HD, but from what i remember the hidden skills weren't all that useful. I have a hard time without a strategy guide still. You can always backtrack to get what you missed, but it sure would suck to get halfway through a dungeon and not have the tools you need to finish. For the most part, it babysits you and won't let you advance to an area until you complete some story anyway.

Good luck!
Well I guess we will see. Hopefully I don't get pissed off and give up. I'm trying to get back into these games, and figured it would be funner if I didn't use a guide, but I'd get really pissed off if I missed something valuable in the game and it was gone forever.
There are rarely things that you just lose forever in Zelda games. I don't readily recall anything from Twilight Princess but in the other games for this series... you can generally go back and collect things that you have missed without any penalty aside from the time spent back tracking.
I honestly didn't bother that much to collect all of the heart pieces, and it was never an issue for me. However, for someone who likes feeling complete when they end the game, I guess it would be beneficial.

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