Two Switches 1 account game activity tracking error


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May 31, 2020
Good morning/afternoon everyone, I hope you are well and safe during this time.

I am having issues with my Nintendo switch play time and I have made sure the game and switch console it self is up to date with all the latest software.
And still I’m having issues with it

Ok so this is kinda strange I was wondering if anyone has had this glitch or having issues with the game time activity log on there switch ?

First question - I have two switchs and I have noticed there is an error with my game time tracking not updating has anyone else had this ? (if so do you know know of a fix so it will track correctly.)

Second question - I was wondering if this is also an issue for others or just me as I use two switchs.

(But I brought a new game and normally it would say played x amount of games hours ago when you first play a game right.)

Well with this new game I brought Dragons Quest 11 and when I first put it in, It started tracking my hours right off away which I thought was strange, But a few days later I loaded it up and now it says first played 2 hours ago which is really confusing.

Can some one please help me with this ?

Ive also linked and unlinked the consoles to the switch app and that does seem to fix it, Yet in the app I can see my individual play time on each console but the profile section on the Switch consoles them selfs says other wise.

(Example game time is 25 hours)
And I ran tests so I loaded up a game on Switch 1 played a game for 10 hours, saved it closed the game let my save data back up to the cloud.
Once that was done I took the game out of Switch 1 but it in Switch two downloaded my save data I just uploaded, Ran the game played for another 10 hours and the timer stays on (25 Hours) but it should be at *45 hours.[/strong]

Update went to 35 hours so im missing ten hours yet the app says 10 hours on each.

And I know for some people or even most people time tracking etc isn’t a big deal but it’s one of many reasons why I love gaming on PC and with my ADHD and Autism I’m really struggling playing and getting in to a game when my times not tracking properly.
And because it’s not tracking correctly it's stops me being from being able to play and enjoy the games I am buying and that it self is frustrating it’s like a barrier my brain puts up and stops me playing.

With all the money I’ve saved to buy the Switch that I can dock and a Switch Lite, And the software that’s been designed for things like tracking time but isn’t being displayed accurately it’s beyond my stress levels to explain and you would find it silly or pointless or it just wouldnt bother you and I wish I could but I can't.
Like I’ve paid all this money for both Switch’s and games and for something so small (game time tracking not working it’s put such a massive halt and barrier one me)
Please please can someone help me or if someone at Nintendo sees this please please can fix time tracking when both consoles, games are up to date, Its annoying seeing and being told just update the console that will fix the time, How can you update the console when there is no update to update.
@Tsukemono Welcome new friend. Well all i can i say is WOW. I myself only have one Switch (docked), and i have not heard of this issue. I agree, you put up the money and they really should do a better job at making things easier. I wish i could help you out but this is way past me. Have you searched on Nintendo's website? They really do have a good support forum. Maybe try there?
Thats a thought I post over there also 😃
Thank you fingers crossed I can get some help or advice with this

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