UK getting the new The Legend of Zelda 3DS-XL bundle


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Sep 25, 2013
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I just read an article saying that the UK is going to get this new 3DS-XL design, shown above. It launched on November 22, the same day as the The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds game. They are also getting the Limited Edition Luigi 3DS-XL, that Japan already got earlier this year. The all White one, with the Luigi silhouettes all over it. That releases on November 1st. However, this new Zelda 3DS-XL is going to be released alongside the game. However, it doesn't come with a physical copy of the game, nor does it come with the game pre-installed. Instead, it comes with a download code, so that you can download the game after you set up the system. As the picture suggests, the inside of the system will look the exact same as the outside. In that, the entire top half is gold, while the entire bottom half is black.

That's all I know at the moment. No word as to whether or not we'll get this released here in the US. Seeing as how we only get the basic systems, not all of the "fancy" designs, I'm not sure if we will or not. However, we did get the last Zelda 3DS model. So it's a safe bet that we'll get this new 3DS-XL version at some point. Personally, I've been holding out for the all White 3DS-XL. However, Zelda is my favorite franchise. So... if this were to come out here, I'd most likely have to get it. I've been wanting an XL for so long. It's only been the current color options that have stopped me. Otherwise, I would of picked one up on the XL launch date.

What do you guys think. Do you like this. Do you hate it. Do you want to see it come here to the 'States, or do you think they won't bother bringing it here anyways.
Gold paint may not going hold up well after months of use, and scratches are not going to look good on a gold-colored system.
crunchyg said:
Gold paint may not going hold up well after months of use, and scratches are not going to look good on a gold-colored system.
If it was paint, then yeah, I can see the "wearing off" concern. But I'm sure it's just going to be gold colored plastic, and retain it's "vibrancy" just like all of the other systems do. So I'm not worried about that in the slightest. Scratches, on the other hand, are never a good thing. But I'm always careful with my systems. I never keep it with my phone or keys or loose change or anything else. It's always separate from everything else. However, putting it down on a table or counter-top or whatever, perhaps, even just putting it in, or taking it out, of your pocket, could create scratches. But nothing wild or crazy. I'm sure everything will be fine.



It seems that the US is supposed to get this bundle, along with it's own Luigi bundle. The UK is supposed to get the Zelda bundle just like this. But the UK's Luigi bundle is supposed to be the same Luigi bundle that Japan got. The all white one, with the Luigi silhouettes on it. However, even tho Nintendo hasn't officially confirmed it (tho Gamestop has), the US release is supposed to get the Luigi's Mansion bundle instead. Tho, the Luigi bundle is for the regular 3DS, and not the 3DS-XL.

Now, Nintendo may not have officially confirmed it yet, however, as you can see in the picture of the US Gamestop Black Friday ad, that the Zelda 3DS Bundle does say "XL", and not "LL". "LL" is the UK and Japanese name of they larger 3DS. While "XL" is the American name of the larger 3DS. So, perhaps we'll get another Nintendo Direct sometime in the next 3 to 4 weeks to officially announce this.

What do you thinK? Would you get a Luigi's Mansion 3DS or a The Legend of Zelda 3DS-XL, if/when they are officially announced for the US market?


I've been wanting an XL since they first came out. I almost went out and bought one, however, I've been waiting for the all white 3DS-XL. I'm still sure it'll come, tho it doesn't seem like it'll be any time soon. However, Zelda is my favorite franchise, and the one version that I could want more than the all white version. I'm tempted to get this if it comes to the US. My brother would love it if I did. See, he's been wanting a 3DS for a while, but he hasn't picked one up because he's been so busy with work and school, and his fiance (which, by the way, they are getting married in a couple of weeks). So his money has pretty much spent before he can get it. However, every time I visit him, he likes to play on my 3DS. Also, I told him how much I wanted the 3DS-XL, and so he got excited and asked if he could keep my 3DS if I get the XL. I told him sure, that he can play on the 3DS when I get the XL. So he's been bugging me to buy the XL for a long time now, so he can have my 3DS. However, I told him that all of the games are mine, so I'm not giving him any of the games. He can have the system, but he needs to buy his own games. He said ok to that. And, as a strict retail game buyer, I already have my 3DS Zelda game pre-ordered. So, I'm definitely getting that. Now, the 3DS-XL version comes with the same game.. technically. See, it doesn't come with a physical copy. It comes with a download code to get the digital version. So now, I'm thinking... hmm... I could still buy my retail copy of Zelda for me, and this Zelda 3DS-XL, and then, I can keep the retail game for me, and then, after I transfer everything from my 3DS to the XL, I could use the download code to install the Zelda game on the old 3DS, and give that to my brother. Then, he'd get his own 3DS with the new Zelda game on it. All for free. Great Deal for him. I upgrade, and he benefits.

However, he's always handed me down everything. We shared the NES, but the Gameboy was his. But when he got the Super Nintendo, he gave me full ownership of the NES and the Gameboy (as he hates "clutter" and doesn't hold on to anything. He only keeps what's new). He made sure that I got the Sega Genesis and he got the Super Nintendo. But, when he got the Playstation, he gave me the Super Nintendo and all of the games. So they are officially mine. Because he had the Playstation, I bought the N64. However, once the Dreamcast came out, he gave me his Playstation and all of the games. Then, I bought the Playstation 2 and he bought the Gamecube. However, he then went on to buy his own Playstation 2, and gave me the Gamecube. Then, he bought the Xbox, and then gave me his Dreamcast. Then, when the 360 came out, he gave his son the Xbox. He apologized to me for it, saying that he would give it to me (since it's tradition now), but his son wanted it. And I told him that I would rather he give it to his son than to me anyways. Then, the PS3 came out, and neither of us bought that. I picked up the Wii instead, and my brother stuck with the 360. (again, he will only ever have one system at a time. and he keeps the one that he feels is the best). Next came the Wii U, which I got on day one. My brother then turned around and gave me his 360, for several reasons. His son already had one, so to him, I was next in line. Also, he was trying to focus on school work after work. His fiance isn't fond of the gaming. And, with all of the school work and wedding planning, he had no time to game. Also, he was anticipating the pre-orders for the new Xbox and PS4. He looked forward to the new Xbox, until they actually officially announced it, and revealed everything about it. Now he's undecided on whether to get the PS4 or XO. After the PS3, he hates Sony, however, he loved the PS1 and PS2. So he's now torn on the new XO and PS4, and is actually debating whether or not just to become a full on PC gamer instead. He likes the Wii U, but only wants it as a secondary system. He doesn't want it to be his primary gaming system. But anyways... yeah, he's pretty much given me everything over the years. So I thought, for once, I'd give one. So, whenever I get myself a 3DS-XL, I'll give him my 3DS. Just with no games tho, as I'll still be playing mine.

But yeah, over the years he has given me his...

NES - (we were half/half owners, at the time)
Super Nintendo

So, I'm ok with giving him my 3DS, with a copy of the new Zelda game, for free. If I end up getting this Zelda bundle, that is. He can have the 3DS either way, once I have the XL. The Zelda game will just be a bonus to him, if I get that bundle.