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Jan 23, 2014
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Hey guys,

Imagine there's a war going on in the videogame world. Hordes of dark forces are moving towards your castle, destroying all cities and villages on the way.

You have to choose 5 brave heroes to go and fight the enemy.

Which five Nintendo characters do you choose to be the ultimate team?
Also, why did you choose them?

Here's my list:

1. Samus Aran - has great battle experience since she went through many dangerous space-missions and survived. And she's hot.
2. Yoshi - because every team needs one good-hearted character who will keep 'em together during dark times.
3. Sonic - for his speed. Can be deciding in important battles.
4. Pikachu - has the ability to electrocute groups of enemies at once, and can be used as defibrillator in cases of emergency.
5. Kirby - Who wouldn't choose Kirby? :D He can take on the abilities of others and he can eat his way through hordes of enemies.
good choices. i nominate you to make us an rpg ,Dragon Quest style, with a whole bunch of game characters. Wario could have stench powers, Waluigi would be a thief or some kinda purple mage. Love the inclusion of Kirby; he is so underrated

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