Unofficial Pro controllers being sold as original! Please be careful


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Apr 8, 2020
Morning all.
I wanted to see if anyone else has had the issue of purchasing a pro controller online from sites like eBay and received a third party fake instead of the real deal?
This happened to me and the seller insisted this was original when it clearly wasn’t. He also sells lots daily and people are leaving positive comments!!! Beware, if the price is to good to be true that’s because it is.
I made a video for people to use incase they sourced a pro controller anywhere else.
Please let me know your experience.


It isn't just with pro controllers: due to this Coronavirus crisis people are selling fake products on the Internet and most are not delivering them at all. I buyed some masks online and only after I buyed them they said it will take 45 days to get here. (I'm in Rio de Janeiro buying things locally)
I've seen this problem with products direct from Amazon, be careful if you order from third-party sellers. Only order products that say 'ships from and sold by' otherwise you don't know what you're getting.

That being said, there are some interesting controllers on the Switch that aren't first-party. They even make GameCube-styled Joy-Cons now.
@Swordmasterman, I had a similar think happen to me also on amazon. Definitely more transparency needed however am sure they are doing all they can. I do agree that I think since this virus it has went up a notch.

@fathershroomish, A solid point!! now more than every with all that’s going on in the world. I do like the look of the controllers you take about. Am a big fan of smash and watch some interesting reviews with them.