Unrecognized Gems of the SNES


Mar 27, 2013
Here I would like to start a discussion about some of the not-so-popular SNES games that were actually pretty great. They just happened to be drowned out by Nintendo's superstars. I'll start. Now, while being a simplistic racing game, Unicyclers quickly became one of my favorite games to play. This may have been due to the bright flashy lights and the fact that I was really attracted to that as a little child, or it could have been that it was really a decent game, made well. Looking back, I probably couldn't have a very long sit-down with the game, but it is definitely one I will not be forgetting anytime soon.
I think King of the Monsters is an under rated gem of the SNES days. Being a preteen male in the USA, in the early 90's, you probably had at least some exposure to "Pro" Wrestling. I know I did. I also have a guilty pleasure in the Godzilla flicks I adored as a kid. So, nauturally, a video game about giant monsters having a wrestling match in 4 of Japans well known cities was a dream come true for me. It featured four original monsters, some loosely based on the Godzilla franchise, and they beat on each other until one was weak enough to pin him to the ground. You got bonus points for the amount of destruction you did to the military and urban landscape. You could power up your monsters' special moves by collecting items in the matches, too. Granted I have odd affections for certain nerdy things, I think virtually anyone who loves 16 bit games will find King of the Monsters worth at least one play through.
I think Cybernator is one of those unrecognized gems on the SNES. It was known as Assault Suits Valken in Japan, developed by Masaya and published by Konami in 1992. It's one of the few run 'n gun games where you take control of a mech in a 2D side-scrolling plane. The graphics and music are very impressive and take advantage of the SNES hardware. However, the pacing is a little off and it's a considerably tough game. Modern gamers would struggle with this one.

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