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Mar 25, 2016
Right now, I have a Wii U, and a PC that is pretty cool but can't play every game. I'm really digging the Wii U lately, games like Yoshi Wooly World have provided short bursts of fun. But I'm looking forward to what I can do next. I also feel that even Nintendo games lately, although some of the best in the industry in my opinion, haven't been living up to their full potential. I'm not talking about Smash or Bayonetta, I'm talking about games like Star Fox Zero. So I'm wondering what I should do next. I have a few ideas:

1. Get a more powerful gaming PC to play more PC games

2. Buy Xenoblade X. That ought to keep me busy for awhile.

3. Pick up a new hobby to balance things out. I don't know what.

4. Buy a GameCube and some old games. I just feel that certain games from that era were pretty well done and not just for nostalgia reasons.

5. Other?

And in case I wasn't clear, no I'm not getting rid of my Wii U.
I don't actually have a 3DS right now, hah. I had two awhile back then traded them for a PS4 when I was on a trading spree. I could buy another one, but I'm not sure now is a good time to be buying too much Nintendo hardware, what with the NX coming out in March.

I did play the old Fire Emblem Awakening though. Was pretty good, a bit hard.
Yeah, Nintendo games have been pretty bad these days. Color Splash, Federation Force, Starfox Zero, Mario Party 10, etc. It really is disappointing, especially since Nintendo games were all excellent during the NES-Gamecube era... It was almost like you could literally count the number of bad games on those four consoles on one hand (Some of the NES games may be too old by today's standards though, but were all great during their time). Overtime, Nintendo seemed to have run out of ideas and opted for gimmicks instead. They're also treating Zelda U like such a huge deal, and it'll probably be worth the hype, but they're delaying it to such a stupid extent that it's disgusting. I realize Sony and Microsoft have been pretty cheap too lately, but I played Nintendo games much more.

Anyway, I bought Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest on Ebay the other day. It'll probably satisfy my thirst for a good new Nintendo title. I've really been collecting a lot of video games I played in the past and still enjoy now.
There is a big indie game uprising for PC that doesn't require you to have the latest hardware specs.
Have you checked out some of the indie titles on Steam?
May as well save your cash for Nintendo to pick up again and explore what is currently available for the specs of you PC.

What genres are you into?

Roguelikes are huge at the moment and are very addicitive, run on almost anything too
@RetroZoid makes a great point about the indie scene on PC picking up. I like any genre, but I'm extremely picky when it comes to CRPGs, indie JRPGs, and MMOs. I'll even play Tower Defense.

My PC is a Pentium N3700 with integrated graphics and 16GB RAM. Games I really like on PC but have gotten out of playing: Rocket League, Guns of Icarus, Depth.
I vote Other. Get a Gamecube controller and adapter then wiibrew your Wii U. Then you can play games like Sunshine or Thousand Year Door.
Yeah, if you don't have the 3DS you are missing out on a big part of Nintendo's world right now. I'd recommend that and/or getting some of the HD remakes of older games that have come to the Wii U like Zelda. They are all so beautiful and they really make the system worthwhile.
Get a NES or a Dreamcast. You will be satisfied.
To post the conclusion to this old thread, the answer was I wasn't playing enough Wii U games. I really wasn't experiencing all the system had to offer...
I think that a lot of people are probably guilty of not using a consoles full potential, and when they say they aren't satisfied with a system it's not the actual fault if the system, but more a fault of the person.

I've done the same myself and only played the games that I'm familiar with instead of broadening my horizons and playing other games that uses more of the devices potential.

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