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Sep 16, 2014
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Untamed Skies Roleplay

Untamed Skies is a friendly community driven to provide a casual and relaxed environment, focusing towards Dragon RP yet giving options for other mythical creatures like Griffins, Phoenixes ...etc. We also provide a progression system within our site, leading to rewards for roleplaying with us. Encouraging chatbox roleplay as this is the simplest way to relax and unwind. Check out our new members guide for answers to questions you might have, when in doubt feel free to ask one of our staff team.

So still interested? The world which we inhabit is ruled by 4 factions all dragon factions with different qualities, though the world is still only new so there's much to explore. Become a part of the story, create your dreams and provide your say in the world of Ellesmera. This unique universe is yours to explore and add to, make friends, create families, fight enemies to protect your own... all it takes is you.

I helped create the site, and am an admin on the forum. My username is Storm, so if you join make sure to say hi! :D


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