Unused franchises that could improve the 3DS


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Feb 8, 2013
Well we got Monster Hunter on the 3DS now, that's a good start but I feel like games like Devil May Cry and Onimusha would fit nicely on the 3DS and offer up some decent 3D effects. Anyone else agree? what about some decent traditional RPGs? We saw a few ports on the original DS but not much else other then Zelda for the 3DS...
I think that some of the fun Nintendo first-party games that haven't been available on a handheld would great additions to the 3DS library! For instance, I got really excited when I heard about the new Mario Party for 3DS. It looks like it will be just as fun and have similar gameplay to the Nintendo 64 ones and they will be portable which is great for me because my brother and I could play on long car rides etc. So I guess I'm saying any of Nintendo's franchises that are hits on home consoles would be great for 3DS! Star Fox, Super Smash Brothers, Metroid, F-Zero, etc! And I'm pretty sure Super Smash Brothers info is supposed to come out by E3.
Starfox 64 aka LylatWars is on the 3ds and is very good. It's actually better than on the N64 as there is an N64 mode & a new 3ds mode to complete. Also when you exit the game it saves which mission you are on so that you can come back and continue another time. In the N64 version you had to start from the beginning every time!

You are right, franchises like smash bros, donkey kong, kirby, and metroid are just waitin to burst onto the 3ds. I have thought for the longest while that the 3ds was launched and then neglected. It's really sad cause It still has the potential to be the best handheld console.
Why don't they just bring out the games that we love and have built Nintendo instead of palming us off with poor 3rd party games and a lack of quality downloads from the 3ds shop?
More 2.5 platformers specifically Metroid and castlevania. I also believe that a port of Persona 3 (ps2 version, not portable) could do quite well like Persona 4 Golden did for the Vita.
Because Nintendo is stubborn.
They'd rather listen to themselves rather than the fans for ideas.
Pretty much, I don't mean to sound racist but a lot of Japanese Devs/companies are like this. They don't listen to the fans, I read something about it in a Square-enix interview where someone talked to a dev and asked him about the direction of the series. Its a cultural thing, I think, goes with honor or something. Not to say only Japanese devs are this way, its just more common place.
Just a friendly reminder that it has been 10 years since we last saw an F-Zero game. Doesn't anyone else think it's time for a revival? I think this could be a huge step for Nintendo if they decided to do so. It might be huge enough that they should really save it for the Wii U to boost its sales instead of the 3DS.
I would love to see a Pikmin game on 3DS! It's cute and quirky and I'd personally love to be able to play a portable version during my daily commute. I hope Nintendo doesn't abandon the franchise.
I'm still waiting for a game like Atelier Annie to come out for the 3DS. I doubt will get a game from the creators of the Atelier series, but one can only wish for the best.
Well, we really need to see Metroid being used again for anything and I'd love a traditional 2D Metroidvania game, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Issue is, Other M has kind of ruined Samus for a lot of gamers, and newer fans view that as the true Samus. Also, we've got very little left in the timeline to really exploit. It's not like Zelda where you can just say it goes anywhere, and it's a different Link
I'm glad that you mentioned Devil May Cry and Onimusha, these are some of my favorite Capcom franchises. The 3DS is powerful enough to handle these games and they would be awesome on the system. Onimusha in particular would work really well as the gameplay has several similarities to the early Resident Evil titles. Only main differences is that you're using swords and the pacing is a lot quicker.

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